Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language,,,

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Nano-Chip Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language,,,

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The first-ever nano-chip language translators are rolling off the assembly line and into cosmetic surgeons’ offices quicker than you can say “Se Habla Espanol?” No longer will it be necessary for those wishing to learn a second or even third language to go through the arduous process of weeks and weeks of studying tapes or attending language classes. The product is called “Nano-Second Language” or NSL, and they are expected to sell out within weeks.

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The makers of the NSL brain implant first developed the product under a grant by the United States Department of Defense as a solution to the problem servicemen and women were having when being shipped overseas to the Middle East. “No one spoke Arabic which led to some serious misunderstandings between our military and that of the country our servicemen were stationed in,” says Dr. Lewis Lipps, chief engineer on the NSL project. “The NSL Arabic version will immediately resolve that issue and allow certain soldiers to communicate in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, even Libya with little to no problem,” said Lipps.

Asked how the nano-chip brain implant works, Lipps explained, “The NSL Arabic version, for instance, has a complete Arabic alphabet and dictionary with over 20,000 common words which are electronically translatable from English literally within nanoseconds. In a simple outpatient procedure, the NSL chip is implanted into the corpus callosum portion of the left side, or the language center, of the brain and activated.”

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Dr. Lipps then showed illustrations of the procedure which is done through arthroscopic surgery. “As soon as a soldier thinks out the phrase he wants to say,” he continued, “he pushes a button that is also implanted discretely underneath the skin on the soldier’s upper left side of the head.” Dr. Lipps explained that when the soldier goes to speak, it appears he is tapping his head as if he is thinking of what to say, and voila, his words come out of his mouth in the language he has implanted. In this case, Arabic.

Initial test results indicate a 97.6% success rate on the battlefield and the nano-chip is already being used by many servicemen and women today. Now that the product has been tested and proven to be efficient in Arabic, a Mandarin Chinese model is being tested on businessmen from various industries who find it necessary to communicate in Chinese with their business counterparts in China. The NSL Chinese version should be available to the business world within two to 8-10 months.

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2 comments on “Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language,,,

  1. I have just known and so happy to hear about Nano Chip which can function as language translator. But it looks like the chip don’t have ability to understand what foreigner speaks, am I right?
    I really wish that there is a chip which can help us to understand what foreigner speaks/says because this is the hardest and the biggest problem I have seen in compare with ability to read and speak. Most language learner have the biggest problem in comprehension such as ability to understand what people say.
    I just really hope that in one day there is such chip can be founded.

  2. I can assure you that the brain chip has much more capabilities than what you can imagine. And that converting the foreign words that you hear with your ears can be overlayed with a voice directly into your brain. Until you train your consciousness to separate what you hear with what your brainchip tells you, there will be larger pauses in conversions while you listen to the translated sentence to be spoken to your brain.

    On a deeper level, the nano interface can give impressions into your brain as a form of communicating the translation to you… but likely most people would just become confused. The nanochip can communicate underneath the use of verbal sounds.

    The globalists are pushing your world into trans-humanism upon humanity and some say they ultimately desire the elimination of birth and death as you see it now.

    The human mind can develop onto a much grander level, but the megalomaniacs and control-freaks would no longer be able to trick humanity into slavery on levels you may find hard to believe is presently happening.

    You see, the typical person has trouble realizing that the brainchip is actually monitoring all thoughts… thought police? The typical person is far from realizing that the same brainchip placed over the correct part of the brain will control consciousness and also body movement, but these unconscious human robots have been roaming your streets for 10 years for sure, the last 20 to 30 years is likely… this is old technology to the globalists yet they are still training their low level minions to properly manipulate the targets that have these chips.

    If you think the fancy language translator is going to make you seem smarter, because the “enhancement” makes you stupider since you begin to depend upon it rather than yourself. Your task here is to know yourself not loose your consciousness to AI. The software will design a way to eliminate your life if you prove to be anything more than the moron-slave they want you to be.

    The installed chip is a designed death sentence. Magnus Olsson was covertly implanted like many others, but most of them are dead now. Magnus is alive because he is not giving in to the torture and he has a good support group and family that he can trust… Very few people have this. After I was brainchipped 10 years ago the local (and distant) Free Mason used the robotic brainchip to torture and fabricate a false public record against me. But public ignorance of knowledge is the power secret-societies have to exit and survive their secret treachery against the “profane.” The very fact that you are on Magnus’s site means you know too much to remain ignorant or you are just another globalist minion selling the façade of convenience to the un-initiated or unaware.

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