Brain Invaders (Jesse Ventura)

Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders

Ventura interviews a group of so-called “targeted individuals” (or “TIs”) – people who claim that they are being manipulated and tortured by mind-control signals after they have spoken out against the government.

He further looks into the technology that could be behind these attacks, such as microwave transmitting GWEN towers, and meets with insiders who claim to have worked on and developed the technology for the government that began with Project MKUltra.

military brain


6 comments on “Brain Invaders (Jesse Ventura)

  1. Regarding children with A.D.H.D.: Is it possible to implant a nanobot chip into the area of the brain that causes this disease? The nabot could relieve the symptoms at an early age, thus providing an altered state of intelligence.

  2. How about a clean and healthy diet minus the sugar. Already proven, it’s the toxins and nutrient deficient foods, along with sugar etc., ruining the mind, body and health. Don’t fall into the trap, of just covering the problem with more of their money grubbing, abusive evil, which happens to be the cause of the problem in the first place.

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  5. My name is Noah Edward Washken. I am A innocent Man, A Catholic hard working DAD. I am blood relation to the first President of the United States of America. I am part Black Foot Indian. I have and can legally obtained evidence to criminally charge and put Corrupt Political perpetrators, corrupt Government perpetrators, corrupt corporate perpetrators, corrupt WORLD perpetrators, ALL perpetrators away for lifetimes of incarceration. I have evidence about an illegal synthetic telepathy concentration camp with the illegal abuse of HUNDREDS of innocent American families in Massachusetts. INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ABUSED and the perpetrators laugh while committing these crimes. The FBI already confessed to murdering my uncle John J Sullivan, January,13,2009 and our cousin guarded the WHITE HOUSE and LOGAN Airport. SINCE PERPETRATORS HAVE TERRORIZED INNOCENT FAMILIES WITH ILLEGAL SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY ALONG WITH ILLEGAL COVERT WEAPONS. I N.E.W. have been terrorized and tortured by a illegal covert Government and more for being Catholic and Patriotic. Perpetrators who are illegally gang and community stalking confessed about illegal slavery and illegal synthetic telepathy sex slavery. The main areas of the abuse have been the Medford, Cambridge, Newton, Woburn, Watertown, Waltham and Belmont Massachusetts area. But the illegal activity has spread across the state of Massachusetts and more. There has been illegal terrorist, satanic, perverted, rape, pedifile, cult abuse, illegal experimentation and more caused by illegal FBI,CIA perpetrators,illegal malicious hackers, and other branches of illegal law enforcement and illegal corporate WORLD perpetrators. I am looking for Medical assistance to HEAL and remove the illegal implantations. I am looking for financial compensation for all victims. I am seeking for JUSTICE. If you know of any PI firms OR ANYONE that are equipped with knowledge about illegal Covert harassment and torture please email me, Thank You, GOD BLESS
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  6. Hey Jessie or anyone that can pass on the message the targeted individuals like myself are targeted by the Moodys from Brunswick Georgia whose relatives integrated with men personnel from the federal law enforcement training center when it moved from Virginia to a naval base named Glynco for covert maritime drug interdiction.
    Glynco is located in Brunswick Georgia.Joe Moody stole my passport from FedEx and David Moody stabbed my legs with hypodermic needles in Rose Medical Hospital in Denver Colorado with the assistance of Dr. Stephanie Alexander Miller.
    The doctor believed to be from Garden City Long Island, New York uses the Nassau County Jail to implant probes that attract electromagnetic radioactive energy weapon assaults and artificial telepathy known by the military acronym v2k for voice to skull.

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