NSA Spy Program Is Absolutely Orwellian Intelligence

The EMF Brain Mapping Of The People And Its Use As Part Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Spy Program Is Absolutely Orwellian

mind control

Former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden appeared in a televised Christmas message released to the world public by TV station Channel 4 on Wednesday. (Dec. 25)

Investigative Journalists Targeted For An Ongoing FBI COINTELPRO STING OPERATION/SMEAR CAMPAIGN — been used as an unwitting  target of (MKULTRA) non consensual human experimentation for decades via the NSA’s SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE EMF Scanning Network – a covert spy program which uses brain scanners deployed via NSA signals intelligence satellites to remotely scan the brainwaves of any citizen in the world. The NSA’s SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network is an outgrowth of the Pentagon and CIA’s MIND and TAMI (MKULTRA) “mind control” programs, which use EEG Heterodyning technology to synchronize AI computers with the unique brainwave print of each citizen. This technology enables the NSA to brand us like heads of cattle. Google: AKWEI VS NSA & The Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan to learn more about this Orwellian attack on the people’s Constitutional rights.

5 comments on “NSA Spy Program Is Absolutely Orwellian Intelligence

  1. Use of MKULTRA program has been pirated by at least one previous NSA employee. The program requires the perpetrator utilize the NSA satellite →ring the victims phone (program is tone based) → allows perp access to victims residential electrical system (home’s wiring)→perp opens victim’s electrical ‘ground’ wire → allows perp to send victim electrical charge (s) & send constant electrical stream into victim’s environment → changes environment to ion positive →changes victim to ion positive. This allows perp to ‘push/pull’ victim’s personal electrical charge at will. It also allows perp to gain direct contact with the victim when perp sends the victim a ‘tone’ via electrical line (all wiring cares sound as does almost ALL light). The tone enters victim’s auditory brain center. Perp utilizes light to gain (physics utilized by perp) to gain access to victim’s visual cortex (in the brain). → Perp can hyper-stimulate victim’s brain while now having ability to have direct voice contact with the victim. This ‘voice’ is heard only by the victim. Perp has now also gained ability to ‘see’ what victim sees. Whenever the victim has a thought the perp hears it and sees anything the victim visualizes in his/her head (brain). Humans tend to think in pictures. The MKULTRA program is so extensive it allows the perp control of victims cranial nerves, thus control of victims body functions. Victim never again has personal privacy or safety! Victim constantly lives in an unnatural electrical field which remains with victim no matter where he/she goes. This means everyone (including pets and all living things) victim comes into contact with is placed in an unnatural ion positive environment.
    It was meant to be used in a specific manner, but due to previously employed by NSA rogues it is often applied to the common person.

  2. A rogue perpertrator who illegally kept his access key to the NSA MKULTRA Program upon discharge by the NSA is a ‘Private Investigator’, located in Arizona, whose company performs “counterintelligence services”. His educational background: Medical School, additional degree in Physics.

  3. 4664: I can’t verify what you say is true, but it sure sounds right and, sure sounds like me. Here’s what I’ve been sharing:

    If you’re not familiar with these kinds of circumstances, believe it or not, the NSA has taken complete control power over my body, leaving me some room in myself, sometimes more, most times not much, in their open-ended mission in which they connect to people without their knowing or consent, via the communicative power of the pineal gland.

    The U.S. secret government is far more powerful than almost can be believed – capable (NSA) of containing a person from the inside and literally remote controlling a body if they so choose, know everything the person is knowing, and everything the person has ever known, and can bring anything a person has known into their awareness at any time at their will. I know. They got me – seeing what I see, and being in 2-way mental communication at all times for 11 months now, following a lesser degree of control going back several years.

    The NSA treatment is severe, like slavery in how it is employed in me, but they do not seem to mean to kill. And they say their mission is “open-ended,” and so despite great trouble from them I am able to write this and share it. The NSA commands a power and cohesiveness in enormity of understanding that so far outperforms any everyday person that it is going to take some getting use to when it becomes more public – their mission of connecting to people via their pineal gland and the power for them it entails – big change in the world folks. I maintain an open-to-the-public account on google+ under my name, Brenden Osuchowski, in order to share GOOD, truthful information to the public at large.

  4. I am currently being held in an nysma mkultra electrically wired house and have been illegally implanted since child for experiments by this group. My adoptive parents also involved. If any help available My name is Amy Stocks I live at 21 eastern PROMENADE apt b PORTLAND MAINE AND CURRENTLY HAVE A MAN NAMED MARC FELIX using a hyper sound spiral white noise processor to map my brain along with downloading images into my cerebral cortex. If you can offer any help I would appreciate this. I am fighting this alone the best I can.

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