Magnus Olsson launches World Coalition against transhumanist neural robotoid agenda


Magnus Olsson launches World Coalition against transhumanist neural robotoid agenda         

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World Coalition against Covert Harassment (WorldCACH)

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It was Sunday 28th of February 2016, Magnus Olsson was staying at my house in Spain, I had been appointed the Vice President of World CACH 2 days before. We were planning the roll out of the World CACH, deciding the agenda of the organisation, we had a great day on the Saturday, we appointed the technical director, spoke to one of our legal team Alfred Lambremont Webre, he’s the guy that won the war crimes tribunal against Tony Blair and George Bush. We explained that what we wanted to do with World CACH was to set up a Global Intelligence Service that acts for the people against the Governments and security services that no longer represent the people, and take the Masons who have infiltrated all levels of the government and security Services to the war crimes tribunal for genocide and racketeering against the population of earth. He thought both ideas were sensational and invited us to go on his show the following day, which would go out to 250,000 people.

On the Sunday, I started hearing the high pitched noise again in my ear I had not heard it for a few days, since Magnus arrived, and all of a sudden it was back along with the voice to skull. We were to meet for lunch with some people and later talk on Skype with William Binney and then do the show with Alfred where we would break the news to the world about what we were doing. It was only 30 minutes to the lunch meeting and I had heard nothing from Magnus, so I went down to the apartment he was staying in below my house. I knocked on the door and he answered saying he needed medical help, he was in a terrible state. He was physically shacking none stop, and his face was bright red with a high temperature.

mind control

After some phone calls we decided to go to the emergency Chemist and get some pain killers and antibiotics as it looked like a virus. The Chemist said we should go to the emergency doctors in the town, by this time I was having to support Magnus while he walked, he was on the verge of passing out none stop.

Four doctors in the emergency room at Torrox looked at him and did all the tests they could and found nothing wrong. But they agreed something was wrong, so we were dispatched to the main hospital in Valez. I arrived at the emergency entrance, Magnus was no longer able to walk, they put him in a wheel chair. He was fading in and out and incoherent. After 2 hours we got to see a very proficient doctor, he was very thorough. Magnus had come round a little after drinking two litres of cold water. I thought the worst was over, Magnus was dispatched for X-rays and 12 blood tests, we did the X-rays first, no problems, then we went to do the blood tests, half way through taking the blood, they took a lot of blood, about 6 tubes, all of a sudden Magnus took a severe turn for the worse, it started by Magnus telling me that he was going to pass out. I tried to explain this to the Spanish nurse. Then he went as white as snow, all over, his face was pure porcelain white and I noticed that his hands were the same. I was instructed by the nurse to wave his hat in front of his face to try and revive him, his eyes rolled back into his head and you could only see white eyes and a white face it was shocking. By this time the nurse was in a sheer panic and the doctor that had seen him was called.

Before the doctor could arrive, Magnus started to have muscle spasms all over his body, they started on his spine, and spread all over, he was put on a gurney and was contorted and jerking all over the place with his eyes rolled back in his head. It was clear he would die of a heart attack if they did not stop it, they pressed the emergency button and doctors came from everywhere, he was wheeled at speed to the ICU Critical Emergency ward. They stripped of his cloths and by now there was a dozen people trying to figure out what was wrong.

I heard the original doctor tell the others that Magnus was working with CIA whistle blowers, we had explained a bit about the organisation to the doctor during the initial examination. They dismissed it and moved on, they could find nothing wrong. They injected him with Diazepam a strong muscle relaxant. He was in critical for two hours, during the first part I took a picture, I had taken several others, so I could put them on the World CACH facebook site later.

The last photo I took one of the doctors went crazy and threatened me to take no pictures and if any of the pictures I had taken were made public I would be charged by the police. This escalated and security arrived, one more sensible doctor said would you be OK to delete them, as you’re not allowed to take photos in a Spanish hospital. There were no signs saying you couldn’t.

I agreed to delete them rather than be arrested, I was taken to the public waiting room, three hours went by. A man arrived and told me I could visit Magnus, I was taken through, he was looking better but had an oxygen mask on, and was drained. I was told that in a few hours provided he remained stable he could leave, he was put on an intravenous antibiotic and saline drip. They dosed him up with the anti-biotics and gave me a prescription for a weeks long course and some diazepam in case the spasms started again.

After 7 hours in there we left, Magnus was back but very weak. The doctors told me that every test they did showed nothing, everything was exactly normal through the whole process. They agreed something was wrong but they did not know what it was. The whole day I had a strong high pitched noise whistling in my ear that is part of the Gangstaklking they are perpetrating on people now.

You have to ask yourself about the coincidences involved.

1/ Magnus and I were not being attacked like normal until we decided to Form a Global Intelligence Service for the people against the governments. Then we were both attacked.

2/ Nothing was found to be wrong with Magnus at all.

3/ That day we were to go on video and announce the plan to the TI world.

4/ We were making significant progress on the roll out of World CACH, talking to the leaders around the world of the individual country CACHs. Appointing the technical director. Getting the war tribunals accepted by a judge.

On the way home I started to wonder if we could not get the images back from the camera so I asked a young tech guy Alex Axon to see if it was possible, and a few hours later he had recovered three images and all the thumb nails. They were a bit degraded but we now have the images.

Magnus Olsson at Hospital ICU Critical Room - Feb. 28, 2016

Magnus Olsson at Hospital ICU Critical Room – Feb. 28, 2016

Magnus in ICU Critical Unit



What a day!

Gary Owen

World Coalition against Covert Harassment (WorldCACH)

7 comments on “Magnus Olsson launches World Coalition against transhumanist neural robotoid agenda

  1. Magnus, maybe you’ll find these posts eventually… I was just wondering since you travel around the World, where do you get the money? I mean I don’t have the money to travel, I have to stay in the Country and hold my job. Although psychiatrists around and inside me 😉 wanted me to leave the Country so someone else would have to waste their time on me. When I think about it, even if I had the money I don’t think I’d leave my Country (Hey I’m playing Euro Jackpot LOL) because I’d like to wore out my native stalkers, their lives for my life. I don’t want to go somewhere else only to find fresh stalkers ready to fight somewhere else… there is no true escape no matter what Country I could go to. So Magnus I salute you for traveling and letting psychiatrists all over play you… that is if you are a true victim at all, I’m not sure.

  2. Magnus, my Peace Pink account got suspended, I guess I said to much on and this is not allowed in the society we live in.

    I got this message from Peace Pink:

    “we know how so called TI`s like YOU madminster operate …you know dam fine that Magnus is not going to reply to your link you posted on his website ….but you hope people that visit his website do …then you can try to twist and discredit Magnus…”

    You Magnus, decide, Read my web site and you’ll understand… We are living in the World of deception and you have to realize that you can’t trust people you are sorrounded with… If you’re true victim and I red your early posts and think you might be au contrare more than 95% who call themselves TI’s who are there to deceive others who are few these days. It’s up to you to realize.

  3. You may want to stay away from touristic areas where foreigner can operate without causing suspicion.
    Germany systematically uses torture and murder to silence any opposition, even abroad. Some of the cases known to the public:
    Uwe Barschel (politician), Jürgen Möllemann (politician), Heiner Gehring (author), Martina Pflock (political activist), Tron (internet activist), Karl Koch (political/internet activist), Bernd Seiffert (human rights activist), Kirsten Heisig (author/judge), Fritz Bauer (persecutor of the Frankfurt Auschwitz processes).
    My brother Markus Bott had been tortured during 5.5 years by the German BND. I have recorded more than 450 hours on videotape which ended in the legal system. My brother had been tortured 1.5 years under the protection of the “legal system”.

  4. My name is Melanii. I am currently a victim with evidence. I don’t know what to so so am writing asking for help. I am from Melbourne Australia. I have been a victim for the last year not a minute off. The guy running the ebl rnm is a male ex police officer who uses the ebl rnm for sexual reasons. I know his name is Mason. He is 34 years old tall medium build with black hair. His partner in crime is a female with mousy blonde hair and the guy handling the surveillance for them is called Nick a computer expert who could of worked for PC doctor. They were seen on camera outside the ibis budget hotel in Dandenong on the 23rd Nov 2015 stalking me. There is a lot of evidence.

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