One comment on “Mind Control Weapons – Minister of National Defence for Poland

  1. Hi Magnus,

    I’m following your blogs and read them. In fact these are the only blogs I’m reading these days. I agree with you that it is done with implants. I’m not a MD or PhD but I have a college degree in electrical and computer science and I have to tell you that these things belong more in medical category than in “weapons” category, at least what I’m telling about – bionic eye, bionic ear or some sort of cochlear implant modifications… I’m a veteran of psychic wars and I realize that what I’m
    writing on my web site and on

    are hard to understand for someone who doesn’t know because there is a complete media silence on what I’m writing about. These days true victims are very rare. True victim is put on non stop surveillance and no-body is allowed to tell him the truth. That he doesn’t belong. Just saying… But I think you are doing a good thing writing about it from your perspective.

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