2 comments on “Mind Control Weapons – Minister of National Defence for Poland

  1. Hi Magnus,

    I’m following your blogs and read them. In fact these are the only blogs I’m reading these days. I agree with you that it is done with implants. I’m not a MD or PhD but I have a college degree in electrical and computer science and I have to tell you that these things belong more in medical category than in “weapons” category, at least what I’m telling about – bionic eye, bionic ear or some sort of cochlear implant modifications… I’m a veteran of psychic wars and I realize that what I’m
    writing on my web site and on


    are hard to understand for someone who doesn’t know because there is a complete media silence on what I’m writing about. These days true victims are very rare. True victim is put on non stop surveillance and no-body is allowed to tell him the truth. That he doesn’t belong. Just saying… But I think you are doing a good thing writing about it from your perspective.

  2. Hello magnus…..with my long experience of torture….i never realize that such implant on nano chip is true….i was even diagnosed with schizzophrenia…..but when i came across a blog regarsing human implant all the revelation of the writers happened to me also and still happening now.how can i have myself out of this implant?

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