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  1. Hello, my name is Virginia Graham. I have experienced several covert nighttime break-in and drugging assaults as well as gang-stalking since 2011.I have reason to believe that I was implanted with some sort of cochlear implant and/or brain implant, as I subsequently experienced much facial exterior skull swelling as well as severe emotional and cognitive disruption.I now understand that even this technology is old in comparison to the “smart dust” crystalline blood implants that Magnus is experiencing.I do have some memories of what was said by the individuals “working”on me at the time.One of the statements I remember hearing through the deep fog of the drug I was non-consensually administered was the deep voice of a man saying “…say hello to the sky…” and I do have a recall of something being put into my head,I believe into the right ear, but I am not sure. Before these and possibly other bizarre events and experiences, such as unexplainable dual high pitched Morse-code like square-wave variable tones in my right ear, which have continued over a period of these last five years,I was able to concentrate well on any task at hand. Now it takes an effort of sheer will to get any serious sequential tasking done, but I work diligently at it. At on point I felt like my body was burning from the inside, for three days straight.I often experience unexplainable feeling of electricity coursing through me. There is much, much more.I have read quite a bit about the transhumanist agenda, and believe myself to be just another experiment to get data from, but my health is falling steadily, slowly though I fight each day with as much consciousness and as many nutrients as I can and am hanging on to my job as a nutritional consultant. I am eagerly awaiting Magnus’ next interview (part 2) regarding solutions for this torture. Thank you Magnus, for the hope I so desparately need.

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