Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson at the 2017 First Annual Unity and Hope Conference

Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson

“Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson, at the 2017 First Annual Unity and Hope Conference” This event was for targeted individuals and those concerned about the growing crimes of electronic harassment.

The conference was held from October 20-22 at the Mass Audubon Blue Hills Trailside Museum: 1904 Canton Ave., Milton, MA 02186, USA. This presentation was co-produced by Mårten Hernebring. The speaker, Magnus Olsson, can be reached at Event Description from the Conference Web Site: “Our goal is to bring together as many support groups, media shows, activism groups, and organizations of targeted individuals, so we can work together and learn from each other and strategize on solutions to bring about change and end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims nationwide.

The number of people experiencing electronic harassment and gang-stalking is growing exponentially daily. Our hope is to come together, to build, empower, and educate the community on technology, resources, and support, and as a unified front attempt to educate the public. As a result of this conference, we will be able to strategically fight for freedom and justice for the victims of targeted crimes.

The goal of this conference is to unify all the groups worldwide and provide a knowledge and understanding of the program and the technology. We also strongly encourage targeted individuals to bring friends and family for support and to educate the ones around them on what invisible crimes are being committed against them.”

5 comments on “Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson at the 2017 First Annual Unity and Hope Conference

  1. Magnus, I cant take what they are doing to me. The ctrld dreams images scenes like virtial reality felt real disturbing dark.evil sexual scenes men trying to.make me have sex w them penises rape putting family in scenes sometimes. Smiling faces as lunancy type images. Still images day n night of penises, vagina, they do v2k they watchme urinate poop they watch me naked 247 they think I should walk.around nakedfor them, they maje facial expressions out of face sticking my tongue out moving facein circles grinding teeth with horrible force pain grind terth baxkwards chipped my tooth, they are bending tongue in half. They do this in public and dont care who sees. They want me to suffer pain and humiliate embarrass. They hit me day n b ght cracking snapping bones electricuting me they molest raped drug induce unatural pain to hip bones deep in bones twisting squeezinv hurting weakening hand use muscles etc. Trying to take my right to write read what I want! Tuse pain itching crawling biting sensations day n night to try and ctrl distract. They tell me humans and myself are beneath them, as if they are smarter , better, and their not. As if their ideasare allowed to be forced and try to make me do them and I dont have to. I can think for myself choose make decisions for myself. they think humans just eat shit shop die waste time etc. They try to induce feelings I dont have asa prisoner hostage for 5 ys. I am a hostage I need help. confidentiality notice this email and any attachments are private and confidential, intended for the addressee only and not for third parties to view store record copyright, and is prohibited by law. If you are not the intended addressee, please respond,d> mindcontroleurope posted: “Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson > “Invited presentation by Magnus Olsson, at the 2017 First Annual Unity > and Hope Conference” This event was for targeted individuals and those > concerned about the growing crimes of electronic harassment. The > confer”

  2. Magnus, thanks for another excellent talk, but you are too lenient by not exposing the wicked perpetrators of your covert torture and likely your cancer, too.

    You seem to be missing the message that the Mystery School cult that Yuri Bezmenov and William Cooper began to expose. This cult treats anyone who is not part of the cult as their herd of intelligent animals to be their slaves. Democracy and voting is their way of tricking the herd to shut-up and just vote… their joke, because the system could work so their corruption remains hidden to the non-vigilant.

    This cult brainchipped you for torture and culling because you were chosen… They likely were organized to have given you that anxiety attack that put you initially into the hospital back in 2005.
    They will not willingly expose the brainchipping of the innocent until they have destroyed society and enforce their tyranny world-wide. Sorry, you are dreaming if you think they will ever allow the brainchip to be used for the good of humanity… it is their weapon designed to destroy humanity, period. The satellite terrorism or remote signals speaking in the mind is very unlikely… It needs the precision of a computer-brain-interface and a nano-supercomputer attached, especially when the synthetic telepathy can, for example, tell you the words on a road-sign (far from a cell-tower) before you can speak the words with your thoughts. This speed is shocking, the speed of the interface means it is all done by the on-board AI. I was covertly implanted with my second brain implant over my consciousness/motor part of my right hemisphere. It can instantly knock me out and still keep me walking or even driving a big dangerous truck. You see, I think Sweden is being invaded by a brainchipped zombie army right now and the cult wants past good societies to collapse with the aid of their brainchip and blame everything except the most deadly weapon of all… the covert brainchip.

    Check out my old site or my new site

    I just finished a 9 day healing fast, it is surprising how resilient our human bodies are while the cult wants to replace us with machines. Dr. Group (who is honest) is worth checking out

    And thanks for all your great efforts for the common good of mankind and your exposure of the wicked ones, the Mystery School cult from antiquity.
    James Sidaway

  3. When and where is the next Hope and Unity conference going to be.
    I know Brunswick Georgia redneck trash like the Moody’s Meriwether and Mullholland are the ones profiting with federal law enforcement backing them. The lowlifes prevent me from getting help.Where in the he’ll do we go overseas and what about hospital security?

  4. My name is Mark Iannicelli and I am a targeted individual.The National Security Agency has employed retired federal law enforcement that has formed private companies and use relatives. An example is the Moody’s who are from Brunswick Georgia and are of inferior intelligence. They may have the the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in their community but individual training is minimal. They have relatives but some may not had graduated from high school. Georgia is where the rednecks reside and in 1971 the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center moved from Virginia to Brunswick Georgia and the personnel integrated into southern redneck families and targeted individuals they didn’t like.
    Fuck the NSA and all perpetrators

  5. I’m wondering how to get help for myself..,, It’s hard to admit that you’re being targeted, I red once there’s a place I could go and be with others like me… If anyone knows please respond.

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