This pledge has circled the neuroscience community…

Neuroethics of War at the Core

Curtis Bell,  Senior Scientist Emeritus at Oregon Health and Science University, has recently circulated a document which he is promoting as a “Pledge by Neuroscientists to Refuse to Participate in the Application of Neuroscience to Violations of Basic Human Rights or International Law.”  The full pledge is reproduced below, and can be accessed here. While individuals may wish to sign the pledge, what we view as most important is to develop a conversation regarding the merits of what Curtis has suggested.  Specifically, while many responsible neuroscientists may agree with the overall sentiment, they may not agree with all aspects of the pledge as written.  Whether you agree or not, this issue merits feedback from members of the neuroscience community in general and the neuroethics community in particular.

Pledge by Neuroscientists to Refuse to Participate in the Application of Neuroscience to Violations of Basic Human Rights or International Law.

Neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano. Neuro-Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Brain Implants.

Some keypoints of DARPA / neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano: https://clinicalbioethics.georgetown…. Presenting developments in the field of ‘Neuro-Weapons’. ‘The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future’ on 09/25/18 at the Modern War Institute, United States Military Academy West Point.…

3 comments on “This pledge has circled the neuroscience community…

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