UN Starts Investigation to Ban Cyber Torture


UN Starts Investigation to Ban Cyber Torture

Magnus Olsson, Geneva 8 March 2020                                                                                                

UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Special Rapporteur on torture revealed during the 43rd HRC that Cyber technology is not only used for internet and 5G. It is also used to target individuals remotely – through intimidation, harassment and public shaming. 

On the 28th of February in Geneva, Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel Inhuman Degrading Treatment and Punishment, has officially confirmed that cyber torture exists and investigation is now underway on how to tackle it legally.

Electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance technology are used to transfer sounds and thoughts into people’s brain. UN started their investigation after receiving thousands of testimonies from so-called “targeted individuals” (TIs).

Professor Nils Melzer is an expert in international law and since 2016 he holds the Human Rights Chair at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. His team has found evidence that Cyber technology is used to inflict severe mental and physical sufferings.

“Judges think that physical torture is more serious than cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,” he told the Guardian on 21 February. “Torture is simply the deliberate instrumentalization of pain and suffering.” These psychological torture methods are often used “to circumvent the ban on torture because they don’t leave any visible marks”. (1)

Cyber psychological systems like cognitive radio are used to interrupt human perceptions and memory. They can also be used to spy on people violating personal integrity which could lead to corruption and slavery in society. Cyber torture is also called no-touch torture or brain-machine interface.

One way to handle this situation is to regulate new technologies and use AI control mechanisms by independent and impartial investigators. The evidence gathered could then be used to convict criminals easier and quicker in the future.

Professor Meltzer and his team is now underway to create an international legal framework covering cyber technologies that can cause torture which previously was hard to prove. In the future it may be necessary to establish Radio Frequency Spectrum police in order to protect humanity from cyber terrorism. Nils Meltzer also revealed to me personally that the HRC will release several reports on this subject soon in the future.

  1. Owen Bowcott, ‘UN warns of rise of ‘cybertorture’ to bypass physical ban’ (The Guardian, March 2020)      https://www.theguardian.com/law/2020/feb/21/un-rapporteur-warns-of-rise-of-cybertorture-to-bypass-physical-ban?fbclid=IwAR0mIvFNEpODW8KspG0XulW8MqkmzSSiO2gskQOgHicfxRjCTgKWV3vjlh0

13 comments on “UN Starts Investigation to Ban Cyber Torture

  1. Just wondering if this investigation is open to victims of unauthorized covert brain surgical experimentation and Nuremberg Code violations upon children.

  2. Dear UN I have been going through 4 years ongoing covert harassment from my Prior employers IBM and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I work in Information Technology and they screw with my phone constantly. Last night I blogged and posted about then and I was banned from Grinder and I’ve never done anything inappropriate on there. I reported all this harassment to EEOC and lawyers every time I call a lawyer I get turned down. Call were also blocked to lawyers sometime. Do you now any lawyers that have the balls to take my case. I have all the pictures and documents please take time to read my blog when you get a chance.I upated it a few times a week.

    Thank You
    Christopher M. Phillips
    Raleigh, NC 27613



  3. If the investigations are still underway I need to know who or where I can turn my affidavit into concerning the no touch torture that I have received over the past 6 years of survalience and 2 and a half years of no touch torture, V2K 24/7, and burns.

  4. Finally the UN is catching up on a torture forensic that has been riddling innocent citizens across countries for too long & too many unjustified reasonings both by government regencies & giant companies.

    Please stop this hinous crime!! Torturing individuals & families without their consent on the pretext of crime & mental sickness. What a horse crap – constant electronic sexual molestation.

  5. I have been a victim of the no-touch torture, brain manipulation , v2k, harassment, stalking, surveillance and career destruction for 15 years. We have a group of us who live closely together in this city. We have a lot of knowledge. We would all like to participate in this investigation. How can we help?

  6. I am a DARPA test subject. I was torchered by my law enforcement handlers. I have a self implanting self healing microchip in my arm sinus and back of my neck. It is terrible. I know another test subject whom had the sensor installed and they hit the part of brain that makes it feel like a heart attack. He had open heart surgery. He had nothing wrong with him but a sadistic handler. Regulation now. You will see my case on the news soon. God bless. This tech could be good or bad. I wish it would go away but it is out of the bag.

  7. Being electronically tortured 24/7 (V2K, surveillance, laser burns….)by collection agencies in Canada. Any victim who has having this nightmare please reply to my post with your story. Thank you

    • Im a unwitting subject of Neurosurgeon Dr Harold J. Hoffman, of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, going back to Dec. 9,1969, where I was covertly subjected a non-therapeutic brain surgical experiment, after my Mother was only informed of scar tissue removal, as to treat epilepsy. My HSC medical records consist of a pathology report, listing various unauthorized healthy good brain tissue resections, along with a separate sheet, with a diagram of a left temporal lobe brain tissue, which is not mentioned on the pathology report, and representing someone else’s brain tissue. Such tissue, which appears to have been utilized for a covert transplant upon my person, when my personal cad scan x-rays, demonstrate brain tissue in the resected areas, secured by 43 metallic implants in the cerebral cortex. ( I also recall a Intern whisper to me, that he put a copy of what they put into me, in my medical records, when being wheeled out of the Operating Room. ) Here’s the kicker, the only person on the planet, during the 60’s, whose left temporal lobe remains unaccounted for, is former US President JFK. Hard to rule out, when taking into consideration all the secrecy and concealment surrounding JFK’s missing brain tissue, and Dr Hoffman’s covert brain surgical experimentation upon unwitting children who suffer epilepsy. The HSC Patient Advocate states that since I’m a victim of criminal assault and battery, she could not intervene in fear of losing her job, and further encouraged me to disclose this on-going problem. I understand these 43 metallic implants are vulnerable magnetic radiation activity, which may be why I have been experiencing continual episodes of cerebral hemmorrahaging since 1969, along with increase and variation in seizure disorder. I hope this on-going criminal cover up is worth your attention. Yours Terry Parker

  8. I have had hopes for 33 years but until the IN has full body ultrasound and faraday insulation with a team of experts in surgeries along with security forces that specialize in counterintelligence and psychological operations (because the perpetrators run those operations together we targeted individuals will continue to receive false hopes.
    Mark Iannicelli
    Gunsta, Sweden

  9. Hi Magnus,
    I would like to meet you before I am deported from Sweden if I lose my appeal. I am currently in Gunsta near Uppsala. Is there any UL buses that go by any places that we could meet.
    If you know any one in Sweden that does full body ultrasound let me know.
    The perpetrators from the United States government intelligence agencies are here. The Swedish police assist them with no touch torture gangstalking especially at Central Station in Uppsala and in the Subway Stations in Stockholm. They also are using migrants to distribute their gangstalking phone application to each other and giving them money. The perpetrators impersonate the mafia and the immigrants use no touch signals, jestures and harass me at the cafeteria and where I live at the Migrationsverket facility in Gunsta. The Migrationsverket personnel had WiFi installed so my covert harassment and surveillance continues in Sweden.

  10. The National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ) is a large area of land in the United States designated as a radio quiet zone, in which radio transmissions are heavily restricted by law to facilitate scientific research and the gathering of military intelligence. Roughly half of the zone is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of west-central Virginia while the other half is the Allegheny Mountains of east-central West Virginia; a small part of the zone is in the southernmost tip of the Maryland panhandle.
    This could be a model for our endeavor!!!!

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