3 comments on “Cyber-Torture.com

  1. They did Mind Control Torture Experiment Abuse on me in Washington DC metro area and other states, since 2003 that I know… ALL FACTS I have in MY BOOK: “Remember Milan- MY Mind Control Torture Abuse in USA-HELL”!!!

  2. I too have been a victim of these infernal technologies since 1997. I am trying to organize a conference with Vladimir Putin, who is (currently) the only one who can save us from these “horrors”! Thank you Robert and Magnus for helping us; it is one of the most serious subjects today because we are all targeted by these weapons (diseases, accidents, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, etc.) for a global depopulation and gold contracts for their mafia societies. Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips’ book helps us understand how long these criminals have had these technologies. Thank you, see you soon … Thierry.

    Le dim. 14 juin 2020 à 18:58, NANO BRAIN IMPLANT a écrit :

    > mindcontroleurope posted: ” Discover Cyber-Torture.com Discover > Cyber-Torture.com ” >

  3. Psychotronic weaponry; mind control; Laws need to be made as Crimes against Humanity used by Vigilante Terrorism;There is equipment any civilian can purchase and Use against Humanity. Thank You

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