Cybertorture, Mind control, China in Focus NTD News ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT VICTIM SEEKS JUSTICE

Someone reported a particular type of harassment like in a fictional novel. Some people claim that the Chinese regime has special technology to convey information directly to their minds known as electronic harassment. It is allegedly used to silence those who dare to speak out.


Mr. Wang says he has been suffering from what is called electronic harassment for twelve years, he explained that it all started when he filed a corruption complaint in 2008. He said that shortly thereafter he was arrested, beaten, intimidated and framed. After that, he had a car accident which sent him to the hospital. Since then, they have used a device to send voices to his mind.

“THEY WATCH MY MIND ALL YEAR ROUND WITH THIS DEVICE. IN ADDITION THEY USE THE AUDIO FUNCTION TO SEND VOICES TO MY HEAD” He started going to Beijing in 2015, it took him four years to get the confirmation of the technology from the Ministry of Public Security of China. Public security reception staff said they have this kind of equipment. It is to expensive, it is available in all police departments. “THE EQUIPMENT CAN MONITOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND SEND VOICES AND SPEAK IN YOUR HEAD.”

He also said he was able to speak with other victims who describe the same torture with voices in their heads 24/7. Some of them couldn’t stand it and committed suicide.
The Communist Party makes no secret of its intention to turn mind control into a weapon. THE PURPOSE OF MENTAL CONTROL WEAPONS IS NOT THE DESTRUCTION OF AN ENEMY’S BODY, BUT OF HIS WILL. FURTHER, “THE NEW TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT REQUIRE A CHIP IMPLANTED IN THE HUMAN BRAIN. Instead, radar, laser, electromagnetic waves can be used, light, sound waves, smell, among other things.”

A harassment technique seemingly inspired by science fiction is reportedly being used to torment Chinese people—specifically those who dare to stand up against government corruption. Pompeo’s top China advisor is being blasted by his native country. One Chinese clan even kicked him out of the family, though they may not be related. The European Union is requiring reciprocity, responsibility, and fairness from China. Germany spoke with the head of China’s Communist Party about Hong Kong, and the human rights of China’s minority groups.



4 comments on “Cybertorture, Mind control, China in Focus NTD News ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT VICTIM SEEKS JUSTICE

  1. Thank you Magnus for this extremely important information. Can we know the officials of the European Union and Germany who were interested in the subject? For my part, a police station has just offered to help me in France; they know perfectly well the attacks practiced by directed energy weapons. We should come together to explain to them what we are going through. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to get this to admit to the various courts that will deal with the cases: For this reason, we have to appeal to Russia. A conference with Vladimir Poutine (himself targeted by these weapons) is necessary; We must contact the Kremlin as soon as possible. Magnus, you who have knowledge, would you like to organize this? Keep me posted with a phone call. Thierry (ten years of investigations to be transmitted to Russia as soon as possible). My phone: 0033 4 49 01 10 59. See you soon … Thierry

    Le dim. 20 sept. 2020 à 18:01, NANO BRAIN IMPLANT a écrit :

    > mindcontroleurope posted: “Mind control, China in Focus NTD News > ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT VICTIM SEEKS JUSTICE Someone reported a particular > type of harassment like in a fictional novel. Some people claim that the > Chinese regime has special technology to convey information direct” >

  2. Magnus. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I too am a victim of very similiar here in the US, with exception, What was done to me was so horrendously violent, I have an issue speaking about it even to fellow TIs. I don’t know how I survived it; I was followed to the next place where I went for solace.. they found me there, taregting me with satellites and cell towers and orweillian holograms, demon like synthetic dimensial things, Was it in the brain? Was it neurological weapons as Duncan states? I was almost killed there, and the next place, and now here where I am and agin.. horrid things being done to me. it was not done in a hospital, thou later I awoke after surgery to find an implant in my toe. Just prior, my first day moving to Florida, chased down via air and ground I believe DARPA HARPA IARPA DOD/CIA/NSA Pentagon are behind this global new world order that is so highly advanced, Orwellian in nature, with major technologically authoritarian twist to things and we’re looking at a tyrannical human control overhead (cloud computing) via SKYNET AI and its takeover of humanity.

    TIs are the canary’s in the coal mine, so to speak; this was planned long ago, for humanity. I know their technological weaponry used on me was and continues to be worst than the NAZIs. Yet, it is NAZIs with the Freemasonic Rosicrucian Bilderberg groups who was started by a NAZI.

    Eisenhower and JFK warned.

    I think our biggest issues are:
    1 — Those in the know, whom are not in agreement with this agenda are either in fear of coming forward; they’re already in the DUMB’s, unsure of what to do, or who to go to, as with myself, or silenced — murdered, framed, imprisoned.

    Super soldier whistle-blower’s Aaron McCollum, Max Spiers (killed), James Casbalt (jailed) , Sovereign Ki , and many others, have come forward.

    The media and Internet traffic are obviously controlled. The targeting is such it makes it hard for anyone to believe and the public are pre-brainwashed (Conspiracy Theories, tin foil hat, mentally ill, etc). Its makes our plot seemingly impossible to get anyone to believe in us and stop this horror of madness. And the public is dumbed-down beyond belief while a global mind hive/mind control is going on (Cloud Computer) and billions of cellphones and the smart-grid.

    I’m unsure who to go to here in the states when the CIA coup d’tat our country and along with that the military. Where we’re they when JFK was assassinated? Where was the military on 911? Where are they now for TIs? They’re doing this to us. That’s where they are.

    These super soldiers admit to horrendous torturous experiments done on and to them causing each to have dozens of alters. Then, the experimenter’s use their alters to send them out to say murder a child, and/or to target civilians. Within the alter, if they’re caught a lie detector test could not penetrate their brains. Even they do not have any recall. Aaron McCollum admits to this in various interviews by Project Camelot’s Kerry.
    I believe the alien agenda was placed inside those alters or plausible deniability; no one believes them taking attention away from the real culprits, the Federal Reserve (finances), combined with an global knit (JFK) US intelligence protected under diplomatic worldwide (CIA torture prisons for experimentation); and the NSA created by the CIA (See Assange papers: On the Take and loving it’ at Wikileaks); DARPA under universities, science, medical, technologies, and chemical biological (chemtrials/ geoengineering) and we have the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us. so one has to listen intently, and discern truth and remember that its not their fault. They too are victims.

    2 — The majority of the global population are trans-humanised meaning they can and will be taken-over mind-wise in a flash. I’ve witnessed this when I tried to warn others about huge X marks one could not miss overhead (Chemtrails / Geoengineering). These are gang-stalkers, regardless of what they do for a living.

    3 — The sentient synthetic simulation is already in place. When one hears horns beeping. There’s no one in a car somewhere in the distance attuned to you. Its their machine, the technology of super computers AI. It controls those one thinks are perpetrators in the apt next door or the neighbor, even Fusion center employees are taken over.

    See the following document.

    Super soldier Aaron McCollum came up from the DUMBs to warn humanity of its annihilation. These are the words of an operative who was on the inside.

    PDF downloadable here:

    And current: “Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state” the Rockefeller Foundation’s DOCUMENTED plan for martial law… OPERATION LOCKSTEP – Wake Up To The Truth

    See pg 18:

    Robert Kennedy JR travels to Berlin Germany standing up against ‘authoritarian’ his words and vaccines Congress just passed stating mandatory for all. Not this kid. This infiltrated government has done enough to me, and continues. I’m standing up off my knees.

    30/08/202Q-Robert F. Kennedy jr Berlin Conference (Stoped by Police?) – YouTube

    Season 2, Episode 1 of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. • Children’s Health Defense

    The Covid 19 Corona virus is being used for FEAR for Authoritarian rule using it to shift clamp down their totalitarian control using FEAR with surveillance to safe guard that dynamic to take the rights away from the global public. NAZIs convinced Germans to give up their rights.. it was done the same way — a clamped down and Germany was the upmost democratic ideal. Over night Hitler altered this. Its being done here and abroad now. Kennedy and the German MDs are standing up; in a conference they state there IS NO VIRUS — they have PROOF. These are the same one’s targeting TIs.

  3. I was in China from 2002-2006 and the Americans followed me there. The perpetrators always use United States grant money probably from the Department of Justice.
    The Chinese were aware I was a victim but the Public Security Bureau participated in gangstalking with the United States perpetrators against me. The Yingkou College of Vocational Technology stood by me more than any other organization worldwide.
    The Americans displayed their evil against me from 2002-2006 in the People’s Republic of China. I met a lot of nice people affiliated with the PS B but there are some that are not so nice.
    Mao Tse Dong said; “ A smiling Tiger is more dangerous than a tiger that displays his fangs “. Know your enemy.

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