A call to update mental health diagnosing!

A call to update mental health diagnosing: The DSM unreality!

In the continuing saga of reporting energy-based technologies used as weapons to harm certain targeted persons, the cross-over sharing of information between a variety of disciplines is needed more than ever before.

For example, the psychiatric manual to diagnose patients has undergone more changes and the DSM-5 will soon be published but may not be more accurate, but may be becoming more archaic, instead. Already, people complaining about torturous “voices” jamming their brains against their wills have been written off as being “psychotic” and schizophrenic. Let’s look at how these components are looked at from a psychiatrist’s point of view.

When a person is seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist who reports “hearing voices” that someone is putting into their minds somehow, this person is not taken seriously that this may truly be happening. The doctor may describe their patient as having “thought insertions” or “thought alienation”. Patients may believe that broadcasts from a radio or TV are being put into their heads in “thought broadcasting”. Ideas described as being stolen from the mind is labeled “thought depreivation” and these people are usually diagnosed as being schizophrenic, and often further catagorized as being of certain types, such as the paranoid type.

However, if there were a sharing of information among different disciplines such as psychology also learning about neurotechnology and specifically about frequency-wave technologies and how these effect the body, a whole new world of diagnostics of the human mind would emerge. A more accurate world based on more accurate reality, rather than one that potentially benefits criminal uses of technology.

A resistance to change, of anything that might challenge the towers of power in the mental health profession may contribute to the lack of transparency of some of the real causes of “symptoms” that may be mimicing the effects of horrific electromagnetic energies that are as heinous as any Nazi torture of the past.

It may simply be true that the world of mental health has not been given the exposure to wireless technologies that may be used to harm someone via remote control.

Having the ability and strength to go against the grain of the establishment can also be daunting. It is hard to be taken seriously when saying the exact same things their patients are saying and calling this “directed energy technology” can make a clinician look foolish. However in the face of such devastation of human lives this has to be done.

Of course there is a potential falsehood of reasoning for the need to protect electromagnetic energy weapons for the sake of national security“. National security seems to hold the highest hand on protecting secrets of the U.S. We spend billions of dollars on the “security” and secret departments of our nation since 9/11’s events that destroyed New York’s Twin Towers. Homeland Security has sprung out of “terrorism” developing “security” technologies that potentially can be used to harm society, instead. The military has held an ongoing special interest in mind-manipulating technologies.

Technology that utilizes human brain waves can potentially be of help to society. Neuroengineering is a field that learns how the brain functions and how to “rewire” the brain and at the same time fears of “remote neural monitoring” have sprung up in articles by citizen journalists like this one. Secrets of technology that can wipe out the human brain or body can alternatively wipe out certain groups of people or potentially hold our government hostage when allowed to propagate and go unscrutinized or unmonitored by officials.

A cross-over sharing of technology among public officials, independent journalists as well as the field of mental health would produce better public policy that works to aid society, not harm it. Investigating neurotechnologies as well as weapons utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum would certainly add a whole new dimension to the current health care debate.

In many people’s opinions, health care and public safety are lifesaving issues that should be investigated and reevaluated. Paying for health care when there is some potential that energy-based technologies can potentially harm the health of U.S. citizens seems self-defeating, and a waste of taxpayer time and money.

Petitions against using human beings as guinea pigs for electromagnetic experimentation and targeting like this one can be found when the public knows what to search for. Human rights activists have much to do in the face of all the people from around the world being ignored for providing citizen reports that they are being harmed through electromagnetic energy weapons.

The field of mental health is only a beginning in the need to get to the truth and to change the health of society, as well as to protect citizens.

More information can be found here.

Original:  http://www.examiner.com/article/a-call-to-update-mental-health-diagnosing-the-dsm-unreality

16 comments on “A call to update mental health diagnosing!

  1. I think everyone should know about what has been going on so we can all get help we need.what is going on is abuse at a vary high level.this is not fair to any one or all persons in the world.I never would of thought that this could happen to my family.I’m sick and my mother is sick and soon my family will all die from the forced brain implants that has been put in our body.we have 5 kids and her an I ranging from 6-22.what are we Gina do for help when no 1 will want to believe us an we end up with cancer from these chips. This is ignorant.

    • I think this radical change in the diagnosis of mental illness should be given the priority. I am a TI diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The first time I was brought to the hospital, i was complaining about gang stalking and social harassment. The other times I was brought to the psychiatry, i was complaining about the remote neural monitoring. They kept abusing me physically and mentally even when I was at the hospital.

  2. Virginia Law enforcement are implanting innocent citizens with radio frequency communication chips aka nerve stimulators or wireless in-body antennas. Mine is sticking out of my right upper buttock. It is excruciatingly painful. This microchip is used for ubiquitous surveillance. To read a complete list of the technologies they contain check out “Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence” by Springer. These microchips allow law enforcement to see through your eyes what your brain sees and hear through your ears what you hear. It is a terrible invasion of privacy. You should check out “The Mind Weapon” a book compiled by a group of DARPA scientists. It details how law enforcement destroys a citizen’s life. It mirrors my life since this chip was implanted by Dr. Lawrence Chang, Pariser Dermatology. I have had a heart attack from the pulsed energy projectiles. I am in constant pain day and night. I have been sleep deprived, electronically raped, sodomized and tortured by these inhuman monsters for years. Try to find a surgeon to remove it. The Great Deception = The Brain Initiative! The microchips = the mark of the beast. This is the most heinous atrocious torture you can imagine. It is illegal search and seizure of the mind. They make your limbs jump and twitch, make you lose your train of thought, they gang stalk you and threaten to kill you, and sometimes they call you in the middle of the night and tell you there is nothing you can do, no where you can go. Check out executive order 13491.

  3. I’m certain the psychiatric industry is actually helping to reign electromagnetic and psychotronic warfare on the population using more than just the DSM 5 system of classifications. I have video and physical evidence that enough metal is put into the filler of some psychiatric medications for the pills to be magnetized. It has been five years since I’ve taken any pills after quitting psychiatric medications due to stomach sickness, shocks, convulsions, chronic nerve pain, and agonizing physical pressure, among other things and I’m still suffering the latter four along with voices incessantly harassing me with demands for medications and regular sensations of medications still separating from my brain little by little. Two of the videos I’ve made showing psychiatric medications conducting magnetism are called “Sertraline (aka Zoloft) conducting with Neodymium magnets” and “Sertraline (aka Zoloft) conducting with Neodymium magnets”. You can find them under these titles on youtube.

  4. Dr. Stephen Cunningham, Virginia Beach Psych, admitted to me. I had no part in the torture. I was just here to medicate you so you wouldn’t fight the torture. They stopped my heart over 90 times in 6 horus.

    • The psychiatrists are professional brain washers. The military is displaying vehicles capable of sending electromagnetic shocks over seas in hostile enemy territory and the mental health care workers treat electromagnetic torture in the western world nations as a scientific impossibility. It’s ludicrous and yet common place. Psychiatrists should be labelled as the professional brain washers that they are.

  5. I had a perp boyfriend (psychoanalyst), a perp friend (psychoanalyst) as well as a long-term psychotherapist who treated me for “depression”. All of them manipulated me, destroyed my self-esteem etc. Now that am a TI (second stage: electronic torture) I realise that my whole life reality had been “constructed” (Monarch Programme)….

  6. Ok, this so called tech is lower tech than most people understand…the DSM 5 is a waste of time at this point, and not many understand how terrible it actually is…

    I describe on politicalgadfly.com how these covert programing work and it will shock you…I also describe ways to get over them, and I am working on some serious new treatment protocols for later publishing…

    Anyway, the limited use electronically doesn’t compare with psyche ops…

  7. My point is that if a psychiatrist ,or the profession as a whole, ignores the very existence of Electronic Harassment he/they are then guilty of professional negligence because of the necessary concept of duality. In other words if a patient complains of being a victim of EH, the psychiatrist is obligated to AT THE VERY LEAST look into the claim. Even if the symptoms mimic the DSM IV, or V, he is obligated to consider the POSSIBILITY of his patient’s being an EH victim because the crime can be PROVEN TO EXIST, and this is where bioethics testimony (or laws of various states against EH) would be valuable. He is NOT required to be a criminal investigator and is not capable of proving the crime, himself. Thus if he cannot establish a link he is obligated by simple logic to say something like “at this time I cannot say whether Mr. Doe is delusional, or a victim of Electronic Harassment”. If he doesn’t, and sentences a patient NEEDLESSLY to a stigmatized life with all the terrible consequences that would be implied WITHOUT even considering THE POSSIBILITY of EH, he could be guilty, I would think,.of criminal malpractice….

  8. Dear Magnus,

    Just to let you know I have the science on Direct Energy available to download, given to me by NSA (Brian Charles, thereof):


    I managed to survive their torture(s) and assassination attempt. I was also just somehow clever enough to have our peeps listening in whilst it happened; read between the lines on this (first link now pay via quantumfluxnewsservice.com at the time of writing):

    Monday, 2 March 2015

    “US military satellite explodes above Earth
    A US military satellite exploded after detecting an unexplained “sudden spike in temperature”, sending dozens of chunks of debris tumbling into different orbits around Earth

    – See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2015/03/blacktech-battle-4-secretspace-earth_2.html#sthash.Hausn6Z8.dpuf


    Perhaps of also interest, also the means and methods of transporting this tech into space; the secret space programme science (7.89 GB):

    #CHURCHOFKOPIMISM #UK: #KOPIMI MISSION #DISCLOSURE SUCCESS! #ANTIGRAVITYCRAFT SCIENCE http://www.churchofkopimism.org.uk/2015/06/kopimi-mission-disclosure-success.html via @KopimismChurch

    Please spread the news; and get especially the first 8.69 GB downloaded and spread around so that it remains public sphere science. Thank you for any help towards that end you may be able to provide.

    Finally you may be interested to note the following few pages on another site I publish. They shouldn’t have missed with their assassination attempt (in fact, they didn’t, but I managed to survive! lol) …

    #CrowdActivism Think BIG! : #USREVOLUTION ARMY TRAITORS #OpNSA UPDATED http://www.crowdactivism.com/2015/04/usrevolution-army-traitors-opnsa.html via @censorednewsnow

    #CrowdActivism Think BIG! : TRAITOR #TT TRAITORS #GITMO 44 TORTURE TORTURE 911 http://www.crowdactivism.com/2015/04/traitor-tt-traitors-gitmo-44-torture.html via @censorednewsnow

    And most especially:

    #CrowdActivism Think BIG! : #PATRIOTS CIA #DHS FBI #TRAITORS THE #NSA LIST 4U http://www.crowdactivism.com/2015/04/patriots-cia-dhs-fbi-traitors-nsa-list.html via @censorednewsnow

    They had their fun mercilessly ruthlessly unceasingly torturing me into psychosis before the assassination inbound… Bottom line:

    #CrowdActivism Think BIG! : SOME PEOPLE DIE EASY – I’M NOT ONE OF THEM http://www.crowdactivism.com/2015/04/some-people-die-easy-im-not-one-of-them.html via @censorednewsnow

    My turn now, with the kind assistance of anyone in the USA who can think and shoot straight, NSA supplied Names and Addresses; torturers, terrorists & traitors, all.

    Meantime, let’s continue to work on the legal angles so we don’t end up in this mess ever again. Thank you so much for your tireless work trail-blazing, too.


    Jason Featherstone LLB (Hons)
    Barrister (not currently practising)
    England & Wales.
    @censorednewsnow (twitter)
    http://www.occupythebanks.com (via quantumfluxnewsservice.com)

  9. I really appreciate the information presented here, it’s right on point. There is something very paranormal, transparent-(in the sense of invisible), illusive, deceptive and harmful in similarities common to a large amount of individuals experiencing what is plausibly denied behind an incorrect assumption of symptoms that are assessed through verbal descriptions that mimic and can be miscatagorized with of several mental health conditions. In other words the truth that resonates with my heart and intuition after absorbing the information presented here, feels far more accurate than the vague description of the misdiagnosis given to me by a doctor, labeled ‘psychosis’. For me it is very obvious that what I am inflicted by is from an outside of my body source, not a malfunction in my mind. I could go on and on.
    Thanks again for sharing this info, I emailed it to the local hospital and clinics in my area.

  10. Help I’m a v2k victim but the idiots who have mine keep telling me that the past memories on my device is true it’s not true where can I find more research on this have U covered this topic ..I have a few ideas I need more

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