Brain-Computer Interfacing, Consciousness, and the Global Brain: Towards the Technological Enlightenment

Brain chips to increase intellectual capabilities, control machines using thought alone, or transfer information directly into the brain are quite popular in sci-fi and have been recently adopted as concrete research goals by many science and engineering teams around the world. Currently developed prototypes adopt a “black box” model – they do not allow the user to experience what is going on inside the implant. Our brain, on the contrary, is open to us – it doesn’t only process sensory input and calculate appropriate behaviors based on it, but also enables us to experience what is happening. In other words, brain activity is accompanied by consciousness. Potentially, brain chips can also be designed to have consciousness inside them. Inserted into a human brain, such a conscious implant would expand the user’s conscious experience with its own contents. For this, however, a new kind of brain-machine interface should be developed that would merge consciousness in two separate systems – the chip and the brain – into single, unified one.

Many technologies could be applied in this direction, for example the genetic engineering of special neurons designed to interface between ordinary neurons and electronic devices. Progress in conscious interfaces could eventually allow us to unify consciousness of different human beings, leading to the emergence of special kind of global brain, in which every individual will experience itself being a GB, and won’t become just one of the cogs in this huge super-intelligent system.

Alexandra Elbakyan is a neurotechnology researcher and advocate, and a software developer. Alexandra holds a BS in CS from Kazakh National Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan, specializing in information security. During the last year of her study, she worked on a security system that would recognize individuals by their brainwaves. After obtaining her BS she worked for a while with the Human Media Interaction Group at the University of Twente on the mind-controlled game Bacteria Hunt. Later she joined the Human Higher Nervous Activity Lab dedicated to the study of consciousness. Currently she is working in The Brain Machine Interfacing Initiative at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg on the development of ECoG-based hand prostheses. She is avidly pursuing the project of creating a brain implant that would expand the consciousness of its bearer. Read more about this inConsciousness in mixed systems: merging artificial and biological minds via Brain-Machine Interface. This is a very multi-disciplinary effort… so if you’re interested in neurobiology of consciousness, neurotechnology, neuroengineering, genetic engineering, brain-machine interfaces, machine consciousness and want to contribute — contact Alexandra!


3 comments on “Global-Consciousness

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    and how will they control them or know if they have someone in a slavery situation what laws are there and how will it effect our health and what about allergies ….?
    How will the law or the companies that sell this stuff and they should be liable for the crime or if someone should get hurt with their product…..or would they help stop the abuse if any of these types of people can or already illegally are in activity with underground selling or illegal activity with criminal activity abuse on persons?!

    Just a question on researching these products no finger pointing or accusations just a concern!!!

  2. Are the implants completely sterilized ( does the patient get to see the packaging before it is put in for proof of purchase it is safe no pin holes for germs and are they germ free???….and how about laws on sterility and packaging when being put in the patient and what about privacy laws and harassment laws and who pays for theses and what about permissions from the patient’s and their first care takers “BY law “that is their own family and their lawyer?
    And what about electrical laws and grounding how does that work?

    This questioning is kind of fun!! Like above no finger pointing….:…. excetra!!!

  3. What is happening with Signal heard or hidden,…code signals, piggy backing opportunities.. hacking protection monitoring , reversed communications monitoring( Like phone are monitored?). for protection of the countries!

    My heart goes out to all of our USA military and our law officials!!!

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