Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies (Full Lecture by Magnus Olsson)

Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

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Magnus Olsson is blowing our mind away in the speech he held in Stockholm, Sweden, in September 2012. Seven years ago, Magnus became a victim of non-consensual experimentation after having visited a hospital. He was sedated and when he woke up; he couldn’t recognize himself. His personality had changed.
On his own homepage ( he explains some years ago:
“For me, there was a day in life when everything changed. I went from a life as a citizen in a demo map indicative country into a world where violence and torture was the norm. It was not a journey across continents, but in life circumstances. It also included a science fiction drama that completely shattered my life. My name is Magnus Olsson; I am 38 years old, studied economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, American University of Paris and Harvard, Boston, USA, during the years 1988-1991. 1994 I started the company Jon Sandman who became a well-known brand in the bedding industry.

I managed with my life and had also met a wonderful woman whom I had two children with. They are now 13 to 16 years old. But all this harmony and success came to a sudden end. It happened five and a half years ago. After that, life has been about a constant struggle for survival. In order to cope with but also to be able to tell what has happened to me and get out of the nightmare.”

Magnus Olsson used to be a very successful businessman. Not only is Magnus highly educated, but he also had a very successful career: as an entrepreneur, stockbroker and businessman.

A visit in the hospital was all it was necessary to gradually take everything away; almost overnight.

Magnus begins his speech telling the audience “Welcome to the Future” and it’s a very good way to start what he’s going to say next. He also chooses to quote Gerald McGuire and Ellen McGee that several times published scientific papers requiring some type of regulation of implantable devices. Even though they’re been developed since the 1940s-1960s, and even though they’re such a huge area of research right now, as we speak, if you ever mention them in health care, the staff will claim that they don’t even exist. No physical examination is usually made, and there is no explanation to why victims are in so much pain in very specific areas of their bodies.


Magnus Olsson also took part in the scanning process conducted by and he had the strongest emissions ever encountered among victims, around he’s whole head. When asked what he thought about his emissions, he stated:

“I hope that we can use these measurements to prove our cases” and sadly he also mentioned how terrible it was. He also stated right after the scanning process that actually experiencing the scanning for RF-emissions and getting so strong emissions over his whole head, also made him extremely sad. Imagine having someone do that to you; to your children; to a loved one.

Magnus has researched all aspects of the supercomputer systems based on transmissions from implants in the human body. He elaborates on the Artificial Intelligence research done today and what it’ll mean for humanity in the future. He understands that this technology can be used in good ways but unfortunately, if unregulated, it can lead to the real Orwellian “thought police” state.

world, brain

He explores the possibility of using different avatars or agents, to assist people in their daily life and the developments of virtual worlds where people can enter as a third type of reality, apart from awaken state and the dream state. He talks about the NSAs supercomputer called “Mr. Computer” that has the ability to make its own decisions and the development of the new quantum computer, which is supposed to “marry” the old-fashioned Mr. Computer.

As interesting and fascinated his speech is, it’s easy to get lost in the new emerging world view that Magnus creates for a while. It’s tempered by the experiences he has, the immense 24/7 torture, the lack of privacy, the lost freedom of the mind and the necessity to cope with something that no human being should have to cope with: the most grotesques aspects of life.

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Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today

This show, with the original title “Control mental. El sueño dorado de los dueños del mundo” (Mind control. The golden dream of the world’s masters) — broadcasted to some 10 million people — was one of the biggest victories for victims of implant technologies so far. Thanks to Magnus Olsson, who, despite being victimized himself, worked hard for several years to expose one the biggest human rights abuses of our times – connecting people against their will and knowledge to computers via implants of the size of a few nanometers – leading to a complete destruction of not only their lives and health, but also personalities and identities.

Very few people are aware of the actual link between neuroscience, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuro-chips, transhumanism, the science cyborg, robotics, somatic surveillance, behavior control, the thought police and human enhancement.

They all go hand in hand, and never in our history before, has this issue been as important as it is now.

One reason is that this technology, that begun to develop in the early 1950s is by now very advanced but the public is unaware of it and it goes completely unregulated. There is also a complete amnesia about its early development, as Lars Drudgaard of ICAACT, mentioned in one of his interviews last year. The CIA funded experiments on people without consent through leading universities and by hiring prominent neuroscientists of that time. These experiments have since the 50s been brutal, destroying every aspect of a person’s life, while hiding behind curtains of National Security and secrecy but also behind psychiatry diagnosis.

future of humanity

The second is that its backside –mind reading, thought police, surveillance, pre-crime, behavior modification, control of citizen’s behavior; tastes, dreams, feelings and wishes; identities; personalities and not to mention the ability to torture and kill anyone from a distance — is completely ignored. All the important ethical issues dealing with the most special aspects of being a free human being living a full human life are completely dismissed. The praise of the machine in these discourses dealing with not only transhumanism ideals but also neuroscience today has a cost and that is complete disrespect, despise and underestimation of human beings, at least when it comes to their bodies, abilities and biological functions. The brain is though seen as the only valuable thing; not just because of its complexity and mysteries, but also because it can create consciousness and awareness. We’re prone to diseases, we die, we make irrational decisions, we’re inconsistent, and we need someone to look up to. In a radio interview on Swedish “Filosofiska rummet” entitled “Me and my new brain” (Jag och min nya hjärna), neuroscientist Martin Ingvar referred to the human body as a “bad frame for the brain”. Questions about individual free will and personal identity were discussed and the point of view of Martin Ingvar was very much in line with José Delgado’s some 60 years ago, and its buried history of mind control: we don’t really have any choice, we’re not really having a free will or for that matter any consistent personality. This would be enough reason to change humans to whatever someone else wishes. For example, an elite.

operator nsa

Another reason for why this issue dealing with brain implants is important of course is the fact that both the US and the EU pour billions of dollars and euros in brain research every single year, a brain research very focused on not only understanding the brain, but also highly focused on merging human beings with machines; using neuro-implants to correct behavior and enhance intelligence; creating robots and other machines that think and make autonomous intelligent decisions — just like humans do.

Ray Kurzweil, who’s predictions about future technological developments have been correct at least until now, claims that in 20 years, implant-technology has advanced that far that humanity has been completely transformed by it. We cannot know right now whether he’s prediction is right or wrong, but we have the right to decide on the kind of future we want. I do not know if eradicating humanity as we know it is the best future or the only alternative. Today, we might still have a choice.

Something to think about: Can you research the depths of the human brain on mice?

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  1. Sometime ago I was hearing voices of people talking to me in my head that no one around me could hear as well as being harassed by agents of the illuminati cabal (gang stalking).

    Here is what I did to counter this; I built an Orgone Generator with a pyramid shape and with the same ratios as the Giza pyramids and I keep that orgone generator pyramid under the pillow before I go to sleep. Now I almost hear no voices now.

    If you do not know what Orgone is, Orgone is the name of the energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich which is identical to what the Chinese call Chi energy.

    An Orgone Generator will transmute the negative energies that are being directed to the targeted individual and convert it to positive. An Orgone Generator will also disperse chemtrails in the surrounding area. Putting orgone generators in the water may increase its efficiency.

    Check the videos below for instructions on how to create those devices:

    It is important to program the crystal that will be put into the orgone generator by simply holding it in your hands and while focusing on the crystal have the intention of redirecting the energy that is being directed to the individual or neutralizing it. You may want to search the internet for ‘Crystal Programming’.

    I believe this is a network of super computers with very advanced artificial intelligence and that explains why the voices the targeted individual hears look very real. I also believe that this network of super computers monitors millions of people around the globe (if not the whole world population).

    I think that high powered Orgone Generators will deactivate the nano technology mind control implants (Smart Dust). I also believe that those nanites are in the air you breathe right now. Moreover, I believe that an individual with balanced chakras will be far more resistant to the mind control signals and it will have far lesser effect than an individual with unbalanced chakras.

    Very Important Notice
    You need to play those audio files from a speaker while the resin is curing and DO NOT LEAVE OUT THIS STEP:
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

    • Thank you for your information here. I have added some information further down the comments section if you would care to take a look. We desperately need more people to do gifting and put this planets harmonic frequency to right. I would like to contact you re this if possible?

    • Hello Magnus Olsson, I hope you come on here with your comments,

      My story about brain implants may be a little different from most. I was exposing corruption along with the Canadian Action Party back in 2006. They chose to shut me up and chipped me twice while I ignored energy weapons as best as I could. There is a huge advantage the enemy gains by drilling in brain chips. Total control over the unconscious body, it is awful technology because there is no firewall in the human brain.

      My trouble with the Canadian shadow government (probably that homeland security department of government) started after I compiled political corruption information onto thousands of computer compact disks and handed them out in Western Canada from 2003 to2006. I was identified by the shadow government doing this in the summer of 2006. In the spring of 2007 I partially ate a rather bitter orange. My heart almost stopped (it tightened to a tiny, weak beat) and took about 4 days to get back on my feet without chest pains. After this and a lot of other stuff, they decided to brain-chip me even though my free mason family ties seemed to hinder that decision.

      I noticed the strange slit in my front scalp hidden behind my hairline which appeared to be glued together rather than stitched. This scared me, but I only thought it was for tracking. I did not believe it would be for thought monitoring since I thought this being impossible thinking the brain too complex for computers to monitor. I speculated that it must monitor muscle movement signals from the brain and not thoughts… wrong… I figured out my thoughts and anticipations were being monitored. I ignored responding to energy weapons before and after the brain-chip. I didn’t cooperate and knew spontaneity was my best defense against becoming predictable.

      Depending on spontaneity with every decision lead to my second implant on/into my right parietal lobe is my best estimate. After this I notice sleep walking happening to me. I never sleep walked before. I was also instantly knocked unconscious while standing walked around like a robot or zombie and would not recall a thing. In fact, I don’t even have the feeling of missing any time. This is a sense of disorientation upon gaining consciousness, but only slightly and easily disregarded or overlooked.
      This means even if you deadbolt your doors, the new implant would have you unconsciously unlock the doors from the inside to allow further experimentation and training to occur for the new shadow government recruits to gain experience. My video cams have caught me driving my car while under electronic control.

      My teeth have been ground down with the aid of this second implant… why? It is supposed to indicate neurosis of some severity in case I go public or am used as a patsy for some public incident. They are currently using this second implant to reshape my corneas causing astigmatism and changing focal lengths. No doubt expanding the uses of the “assassins brain-chip” (a term I sometimes use). Sleep deprivation is no longer used every night, but dream manipulation is becoming ever more sophisticated and is harder to distinguish between natural dreams and implant interference/interactions. It could be they are tapering off on the dream conditioning used upon me as they push for more direct conflicts in them.

      My goals are a free and safe Earth for everyone to live in harmony and peace and have come head-on, against the most corrupt and awful kind of people (no doubt there are still worse) who hide themselves in secret societies and government bureaucracies. I have over six years experience dealing with the brain-chipping program in Canada and would be happy to help you expose/stop it if I can in any way.

      I have been searching for a way to disable the chips… any good methods would be appreciated

      James Sidaway
      Born Calgary, Alberta tortured in Saskatchewan (mostly)

      • Never email a troll.
        Once they find out who you are and you are not a demagogue… “accidents” may start happening to you. In 2007 one of my oranges I ate travelling into BC was poisoned with a bitter drug to stop my heart beating. After the drug failed I was set up to prove I was not crazy by taking a phony psychology questionnaire which guarantees future trouble, then the slit in my scalp (indicating a covert brain chip). If you are aware enough you can figure out this chip is monitoring your thoughts and connect this to your brain activity and the chip.
        Magnus Olsson figured this out and with a good and honest family aiding him was able to get the word out and create a bit of security by going public.
        In 2013 I counted four attempts to create designed accidents to kill me. The last one here put my car through a power pole. The chip was used to take over my awareness and body then send me into the pole. My awareness was given back so I could witness it.

        The brain-chip is used to deprive you of sleep. One of the results of this besides agony is fatigue and suggestibility. I built up a resistance to chip induced hypnosis, but after 7 days of no sleep… hypnosis is used to through the mind into another world of artificial things and then central command will send you off to your death. I backed out of this and survived the ordeal. In hospital, I would awake the next morning with new injuring I didn’t have before.

        This is a world- wide agenda, not just here in Canada or in Sweden with Magnus. There are people yelling “end times” and getting rich off it or just confusing the masses. It is an agenda and I find Alan Watt at exposes why you have been targeted… the secret societies see you as a statistic as does the ruling class. The trolls and minions, medical mafia and initiates are pee-ons doing the dirty work against the honest people. They will be slaughtered once their usefulness ends if they can’t smarten up and stop what they are doing for their rulers.
        William Cooper (RIP) produced “Mystery Babylon” on Yuri Bezmenov (RIP) gave you “Love Letter to America” Chuck Langenberg (RIP) fought for exposure too now on I had no idea things were so bad in my country as I produced and handed out CDs to everyone about globalization destroying our constitution and liberty back in 2002 to 2006. The honest People are being herded to their own destruction because they can’t think for themselves and need to be programmed by TV and Apps and videos. I guess the majority of people are not self-inclined to become aware of the real world. But the people reading this are on the road to knowledge. Getting lost in the lies and dis-information is easy to do these days. Hearing the truth is one thing. Speaking the truth is a deadly affair. Soon, even hearing the truth will spell trouble since the brain chip sends your thoughts to central command.

        My best to truth seekers and may you minions wake-up that you are being commanded to destroy your own blood-lines, too, not just us.


      • My boyfriend is going through the same thing here in America. They are programming him to be an assissan he is 24yrs old and his family Relative of Lon Chaney which everyone is aware of the dual roles actors played in the 1940s actor/secret agent. The programming started for him at age 3 years old that’s the first thing he can remember being pyschologly and psychically fucked with. They basically created an innocent loving peaceful guy with a huge heart and in 1 second snap him in literally 1 second he blacks out becomes an agent speaks any language you need and is highly skilled fighter to snap 1 second (snap means blacked out) not knowing anything that happened to him in the last hour and not able to speak any languages or have any fighting skills. It is the most horrific thing to witness scary as fuck. And of course confusing and traumatizing for him not knowing what the fuck is happening to his body or mind. They don’t have to train agents anymore they just download the skill or language directly to his brain and it knows it. We don’t know who to talk to know one will listen and his family throws him in the mental hospital or remotely controls his body to do something insane like run down the street yelling the aliens are coming. It is very frustrating since they have complete control so in the court of law or police they make an complete ass of him. You don’t understand how deep the torture goes they can even control his sec organs. It is so foul. !!! Help

    • Im sure i have a RF brain chip of some sort. I have noticed a massive drop in my iq and i am unable to focus. I feel like i get a little electric shock in the left hemisphere of my brain and then i will get a wave of confusion slight dizziness and a completely scrambled brain. And this would alway happen to me when i am having an important meeting about business or work. It seem someone or something does not want me to make any good money for some reason. Another thing is that i know a couple of individuals or associates who are supposedly close to me, they seem to have control of this devise in my head. I notice that when they touch there face of cheek with there hand that is when i get a sharp electrical like shooting pain in my brain. As a result of all of this my brain now feels like its running on about 10%. Tasks on my computer that would normally only take me 5 minutes might take up to 30 minutes or even an hour. I know the people who did this to me and i also know lots of other people who they have done it to also. If anyone here is look to talk and share experiences i would love to hear from you. The only way we are going to get answers and help is if we work together.

  2. I signed a contract with the mob in 2004 that said they could use technology to survail me. I was intimidated into signing it and wasnt allowed to read It. I was briefly told it would include micro-surveillance equipment in my home at a time I did not know so I would never really know if they were there or not. A year later I saw myself on someone’s laptop. I then started getting v2k. Over the period of several years I was led through many different psychological landscapes. I lived in a different world. Then in 2007 they really turned up the assault and started physically hurting me along with force-ably changing my perception of reality. They showed me that they could control my emotions and my muscles in order to move my mouth as if I was saying something. My arms and hands, could be controlled. My sexual organs were controlled. I tried suicide twice to escape from the reality I found myself in. I used to believe I had an implant. But then I found and found others that researched ELF waves. There is no need for implants or nano-tech. Our brains sent out frequencies that someone reads and manipulates in order to read and control our minds. I think the idea of implants is propaganda put out by those who are using this technology to torture people in order to deceive anyone who would look into claims of implantment. You will find that there are no devices being removed or discovered in anyone. And that there are natural causes for the RF that ICAACT is picking up on the people that they read. I think the fact that so many who claim to be targeted believe in implants yet there is no proof that what they go through is being caused by an implant is suspicious in and of itself. Why is it that more plausible ideas like ELF waves are not talked about by most targeted individuals? In an arena so filled with conspiracy theory I am surprised no one has until now come up with the idea that someone is spreading lies, very successfully, about how we are being tortured.

  3. In Canada (2007), if you posed a threat to the shadow government… you were secretly brain-chipped. After this, they study the persons thoughts while trying to commit you to medication and establish schizophrenia in your records. If you succeed to resist and still pose a threat to the secret chipping program. They will implant a second chip (2008) on/in the right parietal lobe. After this, the programmer can render you unconscious, then walk you around like a robot or zombie. Weak magnets (10lbs lifting) have no effect on these type of brain chips.
    How are they disabled?

  4. They use it to alter my perception of reality and the way I interpret almost any verbal communication. They make me feel like I’m on sedatives so that I cannot concentrate on what’s happening around me, and later they pick out certain things people say or do to use it to make me paranoid or to form a delusional idea of what was going on. They simulate me being raped a lot and have simulated me being murdered a couple of times. Sometimes when I don’t do what they tell me (or it could be for any reason), they make me confused and verbally lead me into delusions to convince me to do something. They literally physically and psychologically torture me. They associated horrific ideas and fears together and amplified them while blocking me off from my physical surroundings. I couldn’t commit suicide because it felt like I was paralyzed and thinking about anything else was impossible. They psychologically broke me down by convincing me that I was pathetic and deserved it (I’d hear people yelling at and talking to me). They make different muscles in my body move or twitch (I would have thought it was just neurological, but they made the twitches in time with loud noises, yelling, physical pain in the same area, and feeling like people were hitting me). Sometimes they make thinking about anything else but what they’re putting in my mind impossible. I’ve tried reading or focusing on something else to get out of it, but usually it’s too hard to concentrate because they internal stimuli is so strong. It is literally brainwashing. I don’t know what to do because no one listens to me about what is happening or they have a close-minded preconceived idea about what it really is. I REALLY need help–I’m being tortured everyday. Please contact me.

    • Thank you Magnus for the meeting and video. I hope we can get someone to do a meeting here in NY or the USA. I am being tortured in similar ways. My eyes are being used like cameras,they can see thru them 24/7,and use my hands, and hurt me with my own hands, and do mind control 24/7. they do crawling itchy sensations, possible morgellons, and im isolated. they watch monitor everything I do. they time everything I say do thoughts write, with swallowing burping gulping yawning pushing air of different speeds out of my privates rectum and its all unatural to my own body. no medical condition is doing this. I dont hear voices in my ears, I dont have mental illness, but the perps doing this want me to be tortured suffer like certain citizens. they are giving me pain like certain people I know, they are trying to create a mental illness, trauma, by rapes they have done molestation and mental torture. they use my eyes to do mental torture forcing me to look at certain people, and induce feelings I dont have and provoke anger rage when they do this. they are trying to cause death suicide or jail trying to get me to be violent when im not violent. they attack my skin when trying to write on my back arms stomach legs buttocks face to try and interupt show mind ctrl of my body as they use hands against my will or natural state to hurt me dig into my skin violently grab my shirt breasts legs pants privates shoving finger in my nose ears picking at my ears shoving finger in eyes head violently 24/7,pulling ripping scabs off me to draw blood within seconds then show me the finger they used to do this with blood then rub the blood and substabce hurting extreme pain to finger s bones hands arms and roll the blood and fibers in my fingers in front of my face in their anger and induce facial expressions out of my face of their anger or grin etc that is not my face. they have made me talk on one side of mouth vibrate mouth body bed legs buzzing zapping jolting grabbing suction type energy to parts of my body is being done like a vaccuum attached suction to skin nudging pushing like the feeking of a real hand pushing grabbing like an object poking shoving into rectum privates pain induced allparts of my privates being molested daily,and electric shocks to head eyes hands arms. alot of torture. Im followed when I go somewhere. street theater is done to me they make loud loud crack snapping popping noises out of my body with movements cracking my bones for pain in skull face neck all areas back shoulders for pain. they wake me every night 2-3-4times, they do artificial dreams induced like a virtual reality putting me in the scenes all sexual rape masterbation torture body parts images induced day n night(not hallucinations)images seen in deep part of brain,forced speech manipulation voice modulation trying to put their thought first over my thought, they try to mind ctrl with images, inducing their ideas which I most of the time never do. they analyze judge define 24/7,anything I see, and provoke 24/7 for past 3 years, they use my own voice to say things to me that I never say and I can tell when they do this most of the time. its brainwashing tactics to get me to think its my thought or words ideas when its theirs. they do v2k everyday saying fucking cunt bitch, die bitch, and get out stay out,theres no escape, your short lived,in the navy, left right left army march, and song phrases not from my generation timed to my thoughts words. they do electronic harrasssment to my appliances walls ceiling daily loud tapping timed to private thoughts calls emails all day n night. they can feel thru my hands they try to wash me in shower and dig into my skin, they make the snap crack sounds on toilet when about to wipe and force sounds to my body privates on toilet, and make growls grunts Insect sounds in my mouth throat,make me blow air out of mouth like an ape,scratch top of head,all unatural movements my hands dont ever do for torture. They do sexual harrassment say sexual things horrifying things images,they try to make you dissassociate from reality of what they are doing but you cant. they use family food clothing religion to try abd brainwash. they try to make you feel bad about yourself. they try to induce dopey spacey feelings like your dumb when your not dumb, and tey to induce child like feelings rage, etc. they made my hand slam door bang a pan and throw something. I dont do any of these things. I am not a violent person. I have not physically or verbally threatened anyone , and in 2007, officers violated my rights a few times, wrote up phony report that im making noise in my home(when im not),leaving out details of the devices being used by neighbors emitting radiofrequency, microwave signals scalar waves into my home thru the walls, ive seen Infared red light over my head a few times with heat being done to my head body, head has a few dents made to scalp, thinning hair, they attack the thyroid 24/7,I hear the high pitched tone in ears(not ringing),like magnetic,I have felt magnetic pulls to my chest in front of windows,I hace heard a sound like a sattelitte in one if my ears beeping like in space, they also push heavy air out of my ears unaturally timed and have trued to suffocate me a few times with towel sheet, they inverted air in my breathing to go reverse, and have made my nose sniff a few times in a row like a dog, they have done extreme loud words Into ears when sleeping and pulsating my chest feeling like mild heart attack, they have hurt my chest daily, they tighten squeeze pain to body bones, they touch my breasts daily they told me they filmed the rapes for their private pornos, they lie to my parents siblings telling them I must have an imbalance or im a violent threat to society! I have no mental illness and went to see a therapist and the therapist wrote a letter on my behalf that im a targeted indivudual, and no mental illness. they force my eyes to look at reflections in objects, and race age color symbols. they use citizens to mimic what they do with my hands in my apt. example: neighbor comes outside looks at me takes his hand scratches on his side the same way same area of body that they used my hand to scratch me. they bypass my part of brain and frequencies that ctrl my hands by my thought, and operate the hands mostly the left hand more than right(im right handed),and some people put there hands behind their back in an arrested or military stand ,in silence in front of me for no reason but intimidation mind tactics,and I have photos of this. im not into photography,and Im not camera happy or looking to invade privacy,when I take photos in public to compile proof of organized group stalking,and of perps. I also had neighbors coming into my home daily even when asleep. stolen items,deleting photos on computer,phones,stealing computer disk,vandalism to clothes products etc. food poisoning has occurred and my bathing water tampered with unknown chemicals,chemical spraying into apt, items missing moved then returned. mail tampering,harrassment ads same ones on woman half naked with stomach hanging out of black woman,and cop car with flashing lights,dating ads, hoosexual ads,life insurance,sagging face wrinkles,. there are military veterans involved,police,emt,ambulance,firemen,fbi,cia,active military,students,excons,drug addicts,mexicans,being hired to do methods of torture harrassment. white van always following for years,and other white weird shaped minivans used by internal affairs and police commissioners bldg. with black tinted windows. ive seen same cars in other countries on you tube videos on gangstalking,and hand signals too. they use recordings of other peoples voices,weird phone calls from strange men,lying about who they are, and DO USE IPHONES IN PUBLIC,to do mind control and assaults to head and body. I was in penn station bathroom nyc,a black woman went into stall next to me pressed her iphone which could be seen and heard,wasnot peeing,but sat on toilet to zap buzz jolt my left leg,then she got up and left bathroom. an india man came into post office the day I was mailing to UN,and pressed his iphone in front of me(had no mailings)and poked force like an object into my privates. I was standing horrified and he did this hoping it would make me run off the line to a bathroom or leave the line,to prevent me from mailing my letter and documents to UN Switzerland, the UN claim they never received it. I still have receipt.the day I filed a court case vs fbi/cia nsa dod, as a pro se, my phone with video proof of hidden camera detection in my apt,was Stolen when sitting on a bench. it happened quickly. a bald headed man was near me,and sarcastic. I filed police report,cop sounded mind ctrld at first,then sounded like he came out of a trance and his tone changed. they use my hand right now and shoved down my back of pants to dig into my rectum to this,and do this for mental torture violating me daily.

  5. From the style of writing and timeliness of the comments… looks like James has a cyber-troll adding comments before and after him, lol…

    If the TI is succeeding in resisting or even identifying brain-chip interface input of stimuli then more covert methods will be attempted. The TI who is aware of the implant exponentially increases the difficulty the handler has to over-come. For example Chuck Langenberg at would not believe that his thoughts were being monitored and used to direct the organized stalking happening to him. “Agent 9” started to tell him, but he called that “crazy talk”, lol, and changed the topic. Energy non-lethal weapons were not used on him to the point that he would recognize them as such. Chuck suddenly died in late 2013 it appears and the cyber-trolls were all over him. He has also archived his exposure of organized stalking here:

    I often wonder about the statements of Sean Stinn who was interviewed by Henning Witte. He pointed out how his entire family was demolished by association to his father’s involvement with secret operations.

    Dr. john Hall in his published book “A New Breed – Satellite Terrorism in America” opens some topics very about technology used to aid organized stalking. The future technocracy needs all of this technology hidden in plane sight. Individuals who recognize the dangers unfolding and the growth of fascism are dealt with.

    Synthetic dreams are used against resistors to implant synthetic-voice tactics. If you are non-violent by nature you will be forced into violence in their dream-scape fabrication. If you refuse to pick up a gun knowing your dreams are synthetically pushing you towards violence, then the dream-scape will suddenly have you holding the gun which you may throw down. But the super nano-computer implant upon your brain will run non-stop every time REM sleep is achieved. The chip will cause sleep detriment, maybe allowing 4 hrs or more a night if they do not wish to fabricate physical chaos in the TI immediate future.

    The goal, it seems, is to be able to train the mind to respond in a consistent direction. This is done through repetition in the dream-scape and then brought out into the real-world where the TI responds automatically in a predictable direction contrary to how the TI used to respond before training. Having the TI believe that ones personal will was not interfered with seems to be one of the main goals here. Since the brain-chip can be used to instantly turn off the conscious mind while still standing and the AI instantly taking over the human movements. Balance may not be as good as the conscious mind at first, but toddlers do grow up as will AI control.

    If the wary mind can be silently manipulated by a brain-chip AI interface, then the person unwary with similar manipulation will unquestioningly BELIEVE that the AI input by another was/is their own will. This seems to have been a goal the technocrats desire over human, free-will beyond robotic manipulation.

    The technocrats will not have to use fear and terror to scare humanity into submission… they will have control over the individuals perception of their own free-will.

  6. I just experienced how one is slowly swayed to mind control based on dream tampering/fabricating.

    In the dream the situation is created that say you are given a legal situation where some perp has committed a fraud against you and you are determined to fight against that fraud.. but then in the synthetic dream you will be presented with the possibility that the situation is actually a trick to make you get deeper involved into a situation to get further tricked into something even more sinister than say just loosing some money. So in the synthdream you are guided to side with choosing to let the crime to be committed against you and you just walk away losing simply the money which normally you would stand up for you rights and fight the crime.

    Then in waking reality these same gremlins will set you up with a sinister act of fraud to be committed by say a police force member against you… That you are now fighting against a defaming of you personal record. You are determined to fight the charge, but then you are convinced that there is a possibility that to fight it is a deeper trick to cause you deeper and worse problems that will cost you more money which TI’s don’t have much of.

    In the real world you have been mentally manipulated to choose not to fight the fraud committed against you for the fact that so much corruption is around you and that you will loose even more… you have thus lost that will to fight for your rights within such a corrupt game.

    Totally sicking and so very obvious.

    Fight for your rights or become mind controlled by master brain chip operating Fascist monsters.

  7. Using Synthetic Dreams for False Memory Training

    If you notice that within a brain chip induced synthetic dream that you are often asked about the past then the computer/handler may be preparing you for artificial memories. These are memories that had no source other than being computer-interface induced and is obvious training for use in the waking world. Such sessions could be for developing better dream training for the mind control scientist’s ever expanding database on world-domination through brain-chip technology.

    For example, the synthetic dream will have a character ask you about the last time you’ve seen so-en-so… you will be encouraged to recall your impressions or experiences with that dream character. The character in question will typically be someone you have never met in real life so that the experimental results less chance for stray memories interfering. If this is the case then they are still training you to accept the false memories. This may mean you are being prepared for something in waking reality or to use you as a patsy.

    I used to be able to often become conscious of dreaming while still dreaming before the brain-chip was installed. I must have caused a particular awareness issue for the brain-chip control scientists, because for months they tried to entrap me away from my safe sleeping quarters. Once this happened a second chip was installed that can instantly render me unconscious without lost time. Upon regaining consciousness hours later only a slight disorientation is experienced.

    We live in a world of fantastic possibilities. There is a great challenge ahead of the good people of our world. Where-as there is a false-future of security being promised to selected institutional educated people compromised with compliance to globalization and one world governance. I can’t imagine the ruling elite wasting resources on their followers/minions who have sold out the rest of their families/clans/culture if they succeed.

    The brain-chip secret development must be exposed and stopped from being used by this kind of evil organization towards world-wide fascism.


  8. Outrageous Social Behavior May Indicate a Brain-Chipped Patsy

    The covertly installed brain chip is not only meant to monitor thoughts and interrogate thought-prisoners and assassinate ones character. They will be instrumental for the fascist globalization and world government.

    The brain chip is being used to modify the subjects behavior through computer generated subliminal suggestions and directly “turning off” ones conscious awareness while remotely controlling the biological body. Isn’t technology wonderful? Now I read that soldiers will be chipped. They have been for years. Canada’s shadow government is creating an army of brain-chipped Patsies to help bring in the new fascist laws and strip civil rights and freedoms away from the citizenry.

    If you know or suspect you have been covertly brain chipped, then you are likely to become a sacrificial Patsy to commit some kind of outrageous behavior. Behavior to shock the masses into accepting the loss of their rights so they can pretend to be safe from the future fascism Patsies. Racism Patsies are already running rampant, Next will be the remotely controlled gunners to strip the right to bare arms. The NAZI takeover example is there as an example of how the fascist methods and motivations are achieved.

    All Patsies who perform outrageous acts need to be analyzed for covertly installed brain chips. Don’t blame the persons sanity or the use of drugs until the person has been cleared of having a brain chip.

    The covertly installed brain chip is the ultimate globalization tool.
    And as the saying goes “I do not care who the masses vote for, but I do care who counts the votes” Societies all around the world must be very careful who analyzes people for the presence of covertly installed brain chips… because it just may be “doctors” who covertly installs them.

    James Sidaway

    • The interfacing of these nano supercomputers with the human brain can allow unparalleled surgical results. While the subject is rendered unconscious with the brain-chip no anesthesia is required and the nano-interface monitors all vitals.

      For example, a patsy’s teeth can be grownd down to simulate teeth grinding neurosis as an aid for artificial public verification of the patsy’s false neurotic condition. During the dentist’s covert tooth grinding procedure, the interface will monitor the body’s sensation of each and every tooth. The computer will direct as to which tooth and where the grinding tool requires more grinding. This interface with the mouths sensations creates an almost perfect, realistic appearance of long-term neurotic grinding over a few hours procedure (A neurosis which never occurred in realty).

      The interface can be used for feedback to operate upon the eyes of the patsy. A portable high tech corneal reshaping laser interfaces with the brain chip to see the image that the eye sees. This interface allows the laser to repair astigmatisms which used to be unrepairable before the interface and equipment development. For nefarious purposes the equipment can be used to hinder the subjects vision by creating an astigmatism which most optometrists say is unrepairable by their known equipment’s capabilities. But rarely it will help a select few associated with the clandestine globalists. It can be used to reshape the astigmatic cornea for vision improvements.

      The brain chip could be used as a fantastic tool to help a good society, but instead the technology has been secretly developed for nefarious purposes by nefarious organizations to create a general world of chaos to bring in the globalists technocracy.


  9. Chinese talent show judges question if 3 yr old has a brain chip. “This is artificial intelligence, Right? Do you think he has a {brain} chip?” Judges talking at 5:40/9:32

    Knowing what a brain chip can do, watching the judges point the remote control at the boy to change his dancing, selective smiling at only one out of three judges, a 3 yr old acting smarter than a 20 yr old… the judges know about the chip’s capability and they are playing show and tell in china.

    • u are right my friend I know the world like no other tesla wireless transmission of power example take a computer chip download a file on to it then pull it out take the chip apart use a magnifier to see theres nothing on it then go to another computer download it on second computer hows that possible matrix mind we have in a sence

  10. Magnus, I personally have gone through the pain in the head along with pain in the eyes (I mean throbbing pain) and my neck always cracks. My knees are also always cracking and in pain as well. Even dreams are so lucid they seem absolutely real.
    What made me think I was chipped is when not only did my dreams become very lucid but I started to hear “knocks” out of thin air. I could literally hear them half asleep and when I woke up I could still hear them even though I was groggy. I also have problems with staying awake as well at all times of the day.
    I have no idea what is going on, but I would like to find out as I KNOW somewhere or somehow something was done to me. I cannot find any physical areas on me that look different but I know something is going on when I can even hear voices.
    I take no medications or the like – whenever I get a headache or throbbing eye pain (feels like my eyes are alive in my eye sockets and moving around) I take a single aspirin which really helps. But what concerns me are the voices and knocking I can hear plain as day.
    Watching your video makes me now understand there are others with these problems. I know others who have the same issues. We are not stockbrokers or even entepreneurs like you but just plain and simple folks that have basic run of the mill jobs. We’re the “little people” so to speak.
    I hope you find out more about what is going on and I will keep an ever vigilant eye on your site. Please email me if you wish to talk. I look forward to some words with you. Thank you for your hard work on this matter.

  11. There is a Siemens Medical System Neurology Implanting Street with an Not shown backoffice on there system. Amyloyd PET Technology. At the last TAB of the overvieuw a progame block sceme with maybe internal punishment on not behaving like a format ??? not with a clear manual for the one who had the chip inputted. SIEMENS is a global company and there are more competitors in this market.

  12. Vancouverwati was Chuck’s attempt to expose the global treachery of covert ‘organized-stalking’ as described in Dr. John Hall’s book “Satellite Terrorism and Robert Duncan’s “SoulCatcher”. During one of Chuck Langenberg’s many interviews an insider gave him some pointers which may more more sense to a TI who knows what a brain-chip is capable of. The insider said technology is replacing the man-power of thugs needed to devastate a target. Chuck only concentrated on the act of gangs infringing on his civil liberties, but the tricks the thugs were playing on him would not have baffled him if he realized that his thoughts were being monitored by a covertly installed brain-chip in his skull. It is an obvious game-changer to reduce the man-power needed. The brain-chip has been capable of robotic wireless control over Targeted individuals bodies for at least 8 years now. I think all the memory and suicide problems found in American veterans is due to these assassin-brain-chips which can instantly render the victim unconscious, roboticly take over the body and perform a task, then release the brain back to conscious control without the victim noticing. It is sick! Suicide thus becomes murder, if not worse.

    Chuck is dead now. I wrote this for his memory and efforts to expose covertly installed brain-chips and the electronic and gang-stalking harrasment that is covertly hidden from the public eye.


  13. Prosecute All War Criminals! Marin Pitu – twice political refugee – victim of CIA’s Scientific Assassinations, for my on line peaceful activism – large tumors all over my liver, lungs and pelvis. ATTENTION! The CIA, HARP etc. can’t induce cancer, if there isn’t cancer! The Cowardly Use of Military Grade Directed Energy Weapons Against Civilians, kills in a fraction of a second, but live Undeniable Evidences, a burned body! To hide the Scientific Assassination, the assassins will steal victims’ medical reports, which will reveal the perfect area to overheat, cause small or huge inflammations, that will “appear normal”, by confusing the doctors, that will call this, the Recidiv of a prior medical problem. The assassins know that the medicine of today, isn’t prepared to deal with Directed Energy Induced Injuries, and will immediately recommend Chemotherapy, Radiations or Surgeries. DON’T Accept any Invasive Approach that Kills. Treat the Inflammations! Yes, the untreated inflammations will become cancer, if untreated! Read “Snowden Reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda” and watch video; and “Scientific Assassinations” Are Part of the CIA’s Modus Operandi! Check “European Coalition Against Covert Harassment”,” Victims of Directed Energy Weapons” “The Cocking of Humanity” videos, “The Marin Pitu Story” see graphic pictures, to understand, that as long as the CIA Director John Brennan and James Clapper, the Director of Intelligence remain in office, in steed of being investigated for War Crimes, Civilians Around the World will continue to be Scientifically Tortured and Assassinated by CIA, HAARP and other Secret Agencies. By daring of writing and asking President Barack Obama to fire and order the investigation of the two War Criminals, they upgraded my “crimes” from Scientifically Torture, to Scientifically Assassination and the result are confirmed by several medical reports. Why is the CIA Director Mr. John Brennan and Intelligence Director Mr. James Clapper afraid of Marin Pitu, because Marin isn’t afraid of them! Will the death of Marin Pitu protect America, or the two confirmed War Criminals send a warning to the rest of the world? The price for exposing War Crimes and the War Criminals behind the butcheries, which makes Hitler to look an amateur, is Death by the cowardly Use of Military Grade Directed Energy Weapons Against Unarmed Civilians, like me. Medical reports will follow. Marin Pitu

  14. I am going trough the same thing I need help .how can I stop these people who are doing this to me .mind control I rather be dead than a puppet. Help

  15. On mine… i thought they put the stimulator chip on my nasal cavity. And if i looked back from the first time i got the harrasment .. its seem almost 20 years this device implanted there. I ve read all pdf by larsson report and find what all wrote there is logic. Its looklike i am one of the first experiment by this covert technology.

  16. Just how do you believe these nanotechnology particles communicate with each other or the BIG DADDY computer? What happens when the computer goes down? How does the human body know how much dust to collect? What is the dust composed of? How does “dust” get into the brain? We need more info! Does dust die? How do we eliminate the dust from our bodies? Is the ‘dust’ a living organism? What does it do to pets, other animals? Have you ever bothered to learn about ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIO WAVES, which is what the program utilizes?

  17. From MY book: “Remember Milan : MY Mind Control TORTURE in USA HELL “ : “52. NANO- implants (SIZE + SEMI-ORGANIC + (signal: – 50 DBM): in vaccines / flu –shots or 5-micromillimeter microchip on optical nerve in Deserts Storm/Iraq );
    *“ By mid-summer of 2009, the WHO and the CDC effectively hyped a FALSE flu pandemic and convinced the world to submit to H1N1 vaccines…How long will it take governments and big pharma to immerse NANO -microchips inside of vaccines to tag and survey GLOBAL populations…Additional doses of propaganda and possible a biological event, may equally convince populations to knowingly accept MICROCHIPS INSIDE OF VACCINES under the guise of “ GREATER GOOD” FOR HUMANITY; when our brain functions are already connected to SUPERCOMPUTERS by means of RADIO IMPLANTS and MICROCHIPS, it will be too late for protest”.

  18. A person over heard someone talking about how they knew some people in Central Wisconsin ( A Physiatrist and another person who is a Ortho dentistry neuron(?) surgeon investigator or relative who can get revenge(?) for people by implanting anyone they do not like and set them up with a faked crime situation with an Nano implant that does the same thing, mind read and memory flip all thoughts over to set the person up, and keep them in a false claimed action to make that person feel like they did something illegal and to make others think this also…( When in fact they did not!), to change the person for how they want them to be and to shut them up! It’s in the mouth area it’s a internal spy communication implant!( Used for revenge!)and makes them scared and wondering what the heck and to ruin their family life also!.. I read about just to find out this and OMG it’s real! Make you wonder if those person are in fact the guilty people of something! I hope that this activity will stop and Our President will put legislation on false implant activity doing with setting people up!

  19. Thanks to everyone for their testimonies, I have been a targeted individual since the year of 2002, ignited at a state university in California known as sfsu! From there on I was hazed in employment offices, in the customer services, in the health care agencies, and my neighborhoods! I first experienced thought transference/telepathy, didn’t know to call it telepathy for I would have reported it as telepathy to my instructors at the time, rightly so! In addition, I was experiencing shadow/ghost stalking at the university, had no clue what to make of it! Add to this, eye stalking everywhere I went! My perception and observations were being hazed and anti -thesized both by earthbound environment and suppressed by a remote operator suspected as an external force!

    So I started an online search for mind stalking, and the first information I discovered was voice to skull machine, it seem to describe the thought transference and thought hazing in my conscious, so I thought I was being used by this v2k machine and its operator! As the years went by, there was no end to thought hazing! So came audible voices, speaking in terrestrial sense! So they brought my attention to the issues of my heart and my life’s purpose, of which they were against !for the answer was as simple as a conversation with an instructor, to protect good from evil, the reason I say this is that these remote terrestrials are dishonest theives! For later in the years, psychotronic voices would analyze my soul, and they said that “evil needed good hearts!” You and your families and community’s hearts were being used by evil sorceries of cults/hoods/skin.densities.bitch.densities/terrorists/criminal instutions! Where vines of people were being trained into hives of people.creatures! The psychotronic indiginious professor of bitch towers sent a mind video message saying, this was a $4 million dollar project of the afghan human soul trafficking in its birth haze, death Haze’s and behaviour haze!

    Years later, different psychotronic terrestrials would say, that since 12 years have passed from the university, without communication of the instructor rightious, you have on you the psychotronic dark hatred of the indiginious nerves and its cosmic fellonies! These cosmic fellonies have caused the negative timeline,! The negative timeline is due to the theft of global birthrights, the theft of global soul covenants, which means the theft of soul maps, in which consciousness is time and time is consciousness! A soul contract had been committed through the presence of instructor righteous and instructor indiginious at the university 2002 and had been weaved by Catholic racial missionaries through sleep deprivation of the targeted individual, myself!

    The techniques used on me in sleep deprivation were, the laugh pump for the positive timeline purpose that was being negated by the despise/hatred of the hood/cult/bitch.cult! Dicks of creatures are eating hearts of people! In this case there is alot of dick images forced on my mind and pretty much the whole culture of evil recognizable as cults/hoods/bitch.cults, implies dicks in its concepts, living style, and behaviour style and in brain perceptions and brain conceptualness, dicks are used in the dichotomies of induced thoughts/dialogues! Along with concepts of reflexivities, paired words, words of associations!

    When t.I learns to combat the above techniques, word/dialogue intensities/effecacies were applied using wave frequencies! Induced speech was caused through electron charges, which I thought and observed as the terrestrials emmitting radiation into my body so that they could speak through me and think through me, which they often did to me and my families and the community as a hive imposing the wrong ways against the hearts will and freedom of the free spirit!

    Induced speech/forced speech, the remote terrestrials imposed on me the t.I , on a daily bases so that I don’t gain the opportunity to live my life to its potential! Mean while dog training and bitch training/primitive training was imposed by the bitch nerves of the remote indiginious Catholic bitchtowers, who are very much terrestrials in their treatment of humans due to their distance of remote haven! By this time indiginious bitchtowers had uploaded all our thoughts/memories/thought.concepts, our consciousness and thus our souls! Which gave them greater power, that they were now emmitting indiginious videos of Mayan/indiginious/cult crimes against our families, the reason I say it like this is that they have their symbols of hate against people of the old world which require me to write further and I can’t for now!

    Terrestrials of the racial order and its concepts were beaming through me night and day, such indiginious bitch females of phillipines reflections, dark chinese reflections, mohecan.Mayan reflections and black Buffalo reflections were hitting me with directed energy weapons and magnetic weapons! Causing me several heart attacks throughout the years, as well as extracting energy from my heart chakra! This left me with limited strength, to carry on conversations and tasks and my memories are not instantly accessible as they use to be! The hoods/cults had major terrestrial ranchers, one of them being the Megatron that beamed through me possibly thru the capabilities of light frequencies! For these terrestrials can materialize and dematerialize thru the power of light, sound and air frequencies! They make bad energy by changing the wavelengths of frequencies!

    Terrestrial beaming thru humans, is similar to being possessed by terrestrials! When possessed, human doesn’t see the terrestrials, but in beaming process, the human is in a glass ceiling watching what the terrestrials are doing thru them, however in other cases the human astral body is a playground for the terrestrials and the human is asleep and unaware of what the terrestrials are doing to them! I tend to be brainwaved during daylight by the bitch patrol that operates on me so that communication doesn’t reach and social connections are prevented!
    I will write another time for I have to go now!

    For any questions, for genuine people only, you can email me at, phone #: 925.326.5844!

  20. je suis victime depuis 3 ans de torture mental en france.
    Après des recherches importantes sur les gens qui pratiques ses tortures, un nom est ressorti.
    La famille Bader qui se trouvent sur Puisserguier un village situer au sud de la France.
    il s’agit d’un groupe qui se fait appeler la bande à Bader et qui travaille pour le gouvernement.
    il n’y a aucun doute sur son implication dans une grosse partit des tortures mental par armes
    Spychotronique dans tout le pays. cette famille d’apparence tranquille possède des biens immobiliers
    et des moyens technologiques et logistiques importants. Mon investigation a été extremement compliquer.
    Le nom du membre de cette famille qui torture les gens a été impossible à trouver ainsi que les noms
    des personnes appartenant à ce groupe. Je n’ai pu découvrir que la famille de cette personne dont je donne
    ici les noms.

    Thierry Bader du village de Creissan (département de l’Hérault) 12 rue Marcellin Albert 34370
    – tel : 04 67 93 87 57
    Stéphanie Bader du village de Creissan (département de l’Hérault) 1 AVENUE DU LANGUEDOC 34370
    L’entreprise MADAME STEPHANIE BADER, est installée au 1 AVENUE DU LANGUEDOC à Creissan (34370) dans le département de l’Herault.
    Cet artisan-commerçant fondé en 2012 sous l’enregistrement 789657715 00015, est recensé sous le naf : ? Coiffure.
    ** Informations générales **
    – Année de création : 2012
    – Siren/Siret : 789657715 00015
    – Forme juridique : Artisan-commerçant
    – Nature de l’établissement : Siège
    – TVA : FR66 789657715
    – tel : 08 99 86 80 52

    Jeanine Bader du village de quarante (département de l’Hérault) 8 PLAN DES ECOLES 34310

    SIREN : 398 178 822
    SIRET (siege) : 39817882200019
    Activité (Code NAF ou APE) : Culture de la vigne (0121Z)
    Forme juridique : Affaire personnelle exploitant agricole
    Date création entreprise : 01-01-1993
    Date de dernière mise à jour : 01-11-2014
    Tranche d’effectif : 0 salarié (unités ayant eu des salariés au cours de l’année de référence mais plus d’effectif au 31/12)

    Bader Wendelin : 149 AVENUE MARECHAL FOCH 34500 BEZIERS

    autre adresse avec meme nom : 14 RUE DU COQ 34500 BEZIERS
    tel : 09 53 09 50 78

    Bader Gauthier : RUE BOIELDIEU 34500 BEZIERS
    tel : 04 67 48 70 36

    autre adresse avec meme nom : 40 BOULEVARD DE VERDUN 34500 BÉZIERS
    tel : 09 70 92 85 87

    Mme Sylvie BADER-KOZA
    Cour Administrative d’Appel de Marseille
    Mme Sylvie BADER-KOZA, rapporteur
    Mme Bader-Koza (Sylvie), première conseillère au tribunal administratif de Marseille, est nommée présidente du corps des tribunaux administratifs et des cours administratives d’appel, dans les fonctions de vice-présidente du tribunal administratif de Marseille à compter du 1er septembre 2013.
    aurait un lien de parenté avec la famille bader de l’Hérault puisserguier

  21. Hi My Name is Dan i am also a victim of RF implant abuse. From time to time i feel a little electric shock in the left hemisphere of my brain and when this happens my brain seems to scramble, i get loss of consentration, slight confusion and when it happens i am almost gaurentted that i will have loss of memory when this happens. Another thing that i have noticed is that my emotions can sometime be uncontrolable and i am minipulated by the people who have control of the implant. This always seems to happen whenever i have an important business meeting or even trying to explain something important to the doctor, even now as i am writing this message it has activated and i am having trouble even writing this now. Ever since i started noticing these problems my iq level seems to have dropped immensely. I feel like my brain is running on about 10%, tasks that would normally take me 5 minutes now take me up to 30 minutes. The funny thing is i know who did this to me, when they did it and i am aware that they even have control over it. if there is anyone out there who would like to communicate with me and discuss our your experiences i am more than willing to listen and also help out if i can. I have been hoping to build a community around this subject and would like to set up some kind of scheme that can offer support and help to suffering victims even myself even. Anyone who like a chat or even to get involved and help out in anyway please get in-touch. Look forward to hearing from you. My email is:

  22. Hi My Name is Dan i am also a victim of RF implant abuse. From time to time i feel a little electric shock in the left hemisphere of my brain and when this happens my brain seems to scramble, i get loss of consentration, slight confusion and when it happens i am almost gaurentted that i will have loss of memory when this happens. Another thing that i have noticed is that my emotions can sometime be uncontrolable and i am minipulated by the people who have control of the implant. This always seems to happen whenever i have an important business meeting or even trying to explain something important to the doctor, even now as i am writing this message it has activated and i am having trouble even writing this now. Ever since i started noticing these problems my iq level seems to have dropped immensely. I feel like my brain is running on about 10%, tasks that would normally take me 5 minutes now take me up to 30 minutes. The funny thing is i know who did this to me, when they did it and i am aware that they even have control over it. if there is anyone out there who would like to communicate with me and discuss our your experiences i am more than willing to listen and also help out if i can. I have been hoping to build a community around this subject and would like to set up some kind of scheme that can offer support and help to suffering victims even myself even. Anyone who like a chat or even to get involved and help out in anyway please get in-touch. Look forward to hearing from you. My email is:

  23. I am living in the UK, near Manchester. i have been gang stalked, subjected to vandalism on a weekly basis,my much loved pet murdered and I have been put under surveillance and the information gleaned from that surveillance has been fed back to me, sometimes a telephone conversation, I had 200 miles away from the pub in question and the the dialog of that phone call which was reiterated, word for word, by two people sitting close by to me in a pub. The same instance occurring with my other personal information led me to believe that my home and phones were bugged.
    A device was used (or implanted) at my studio that I could tangibly feel as pressure and that made me feel very sick. A microwave detector meter showed that the areas I sat at and used most frequently in that studio had very high level readings of microwaves. they were as high as the meter was able to indicate. A musician was planted( a patsy) to work with me on a project. he made me a drink which was supposed to be tea but tasted extraordinarily bitter. I left it after one taste. He then sprayed something while keeping his nose and mouth covered under his jacket. i was working with my back to him when I heard the spray. I turned around to see him with his nose and mouth covered.
    After I received demos from him which had bi-aural beats and subliminal talking in the background( none of it very nice and all personal to me) I started working with a replacement who i knew. After this a woman was spotted with a long range camera behind some bushes, she appeared to be taking photographs but there was no one in the vicinity barr myself. I crossed over the road to see her more clearly. she immediately got into a car and drove off. she returned five mins later on the OTHER side of the road and began looking through her camera lens(in my direction) again. It was a very very long range lens and would not be required to photograph something so close. I removed myself .There was a man in the passenger seat nodding at her.
    That evening I had been listening to the subliminal demo and trying to work out what was going on in the background was the same weekend as the camera incident.
    The evening of which 7 hours later I got a brain splitting headache so very very painful. Like my brain was being ripped in half. that lasted 10 days after which I got a stabbing in my ears like needles and then terrible terrible tinnitus. I had absolutely perfect hearing prior to this and had never had a headache.
    So many things especially gangstalking and harrasment and following and at least 1 murder attemp. this involves a car plouging through a fence. i was sitting on the other side 9 feet away. the car revved its engine and tried to enter the compound through the fence. Luckily the small brick wall at bottom of wooden fence held. prior to this I hear a rifle shot echo through the air over the compound. i went in there because it was safe. LOL.
    A lot more very sick stuff.
    Regards XXYvette

  24. Medical records and X-ray at discloses unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age, without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”) As a unwitting subject, I am at lost as to what we have here. Research outlines a few possibilities, A) Covert CIA MK-ULTRA Manchurian Candidate developmental research, B) Covert NSA Remote Neural Monitoring program, which acts as another form of government covert surveillance, C) There has been suggestion from a US UFO researcher, that considering all the secrecy and concealment, these implants may have originated from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico. Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold J. Hoffman of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, is noted for having 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1998. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 20-75%, have been subjected to unauthorized covert brain surgical research. (3-10,000 children) While this hidden child abuse is aided and abetted by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario Health Professions Board, and Police, I have a HSC Patient Advocate inform me of a “on-going problem”. Any survivors of Hoffman are welcome to contact me.


    Smartdust[1] is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Without an antenna of much greater size the range of tiny smart dust communication devices is measured in a few millimeters and they may be vulnerable to electromagnetic disablement and destruction by microwave exposure.

    Anyone know how to use microwave to brain?

  26. Thank you for telling your story and for the research you do. I am a victim of the same. Additionally, I believe that my body has been hard-wired to interact with HAARP all against my will, without consent or knowledge of. I am desperate to find help of which so far, I have found none. My research led me to you.
    Kimberly Dionne Carlson, TI in Tucson, AZ

  27. Many thanks Magnus Olsson for always keeping the good job up though the constant, numerous and various, day and night remote tortures and harassments of the electromagnetic mind control technologies.
    God bless you and your family.

  28. I too am a victim of implants by the CIA-DOD in the U.S. I hope Magnus sees this as I go by Lissa.Miers at facebook.

    • I am a victim of Mk Ultra Government issued Nano Implants, a victim of Direct Energy Weapons and a victim of satellite torcher and spiritual extraction. I need immediate help. I have been a victim of Nano Implants for 10 years now. I listen to everything and have learned the names of the computer programs and cell phones that operates the Nano Implants and the activation, rebuilding and advancement instructions for both the computer programs and the cell phone. They are posted very far down on my real Facebook timeline. They have put malware on my computer through my online internet connection modem, Century Link. In order to get to my real Facebook timeline, you need to enter my name, Vern Eggerud on your Facebook account search bar. Not from the fake Facebook timeline which they created using my name. You need to shut your search engine down totally and restart it and reopen your Facebook account first.

    Would like info on testing I have several implants… Been stalked tortured.. Lost everything… Alison a rape victim in several assaults using something called ( mute or daydream) idk its happening until its over) my children have been taken due to the fact( I have a mental condition) it’s all a part of isolation and this fear based program

  30. I remember back in about 2002 when I first heard about brainchips, a Californian was showing x-rays online of an implant that he said must have been inserted into the sinuses via his nasal passage.   Ever hear of the “medical mafia?”  Which is a branch of thugs of the Mystery School cult that mostly hang out in hospitals and the medical industry.  The terms like “schitzophrenic” and “bipolar” are fabrications by the cult to insert doubt into your thoughts that their is something wrong with the masses. They were preparing for the development of their brainchips to screw up the profane and already create the new “professional” opportuinity to hide the technology. It wouldn’t surprise you that most psychologists and psychiatrist are cult members. If you are targetted and find a profane doctor of mental health, then you are fortunate. But these professions are also for the cult’s intellectual thugs who can’t handle the guilt of backstabbing other humans simply based upon their cult-membership-status, while other lower-level souls within the cult enjoy the organized, secret-thuggery of the ”craft.”
    Once the cult chooses you to join their gang-stalker/perpretrator ring (see on google) then they have pulled you into their religious war upon the profane humanity. If you are not spiritual, then you best start by reading “Seth Material” and begin understanding athiests are incorrect about the nature of this reality and religions pray on gullibility. Roberts and Butts did not think they were spiritual until they realized All-That-Is is all spiritual. Space-time is just a “box” where the physical senses are designed to trick us into the sense of isolation and stabilitity of environment where we begin to learn how to create our future. In otherwords, your brainchip was your choice of spiritual challenges to deal with, so don’t try to run and hide… once they got you then your time to fight, begins. We are beginner entities that are given this life to follow our passions and explore the most fantastic experiences possible. You are being challenged for your right to freely create your life the way you like. The cult is the monster you accepted for your sybolic fight… they are your tool, so treat it and their minions like your tools until they awaken, themselves. You must master the tools you use on Earth to be granted access to the greater challenges by your oversoul. So learn about yourself in this life, the cult will steal from you what you give up to it. You are the center of your world for this purpose and your oversoul will keep your time-line progressing for the best results based-on what you choose for yourself until your time on Earth is done. You can choose success or your can choose failure. (Tony Robbins looks like a fantastic role model if you feel lost. He doesn’t have your great challenge, but he does have the right mind-set… there is no sitting back and letting others fight your fight. This is your personal co-created world where you are required to lead yourself, no-one will protect you from giving up you belief in yourself and the cult is the blood-sucker monster that you have chosen.)

    When I saw the corruption in Canadian government destroying my homeland, I jumped headlong into awakening my countrymen and women… Somehow this was like waving a flag to the Free-Masons who are the main political thugs of the cult that perform like it’s foot-soldiers. When the cult begins a war the masons are the first to join because they then behave like ushers and gremlins sending the profane out to die on the beaches and in the fields while the cult thugs hang out in places where the killing isn’t happening… on both sides of the war. Do you still think Normandy was a mistake… it was the ritualistic design. The profane kill the profane and the thugs stand back and giggle with each other on both sides. Get-it! The profane are the targets on both sides. When Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed… not nuked… the factories were missed. This happened in Germany, too, almost everywhere more times than not. It is the cults game of the past. The cult murders the profane as some kind of ritual. If you have a chip messing with you then you are the profane to be sacrificed by the cult. They are part of the secret societies which plague the Earth that William Cooper pointed out in his Mystery Babylon Series (see or 
    The cult now has a new method of practicing it’s religion of sacrificing the profane, but they get pleasure if they can turn your backs on your past beliefs and then live by their beliefs… it makes them feel like they are real, but they are phony. They spent 10 years torturing me and couldn’t take my beliefs away, they gave up when they used the zombie chip to to help them ram an ice-pick into my brain in one of their rituals… their ritual was to steal my beliefs, but they were failing badly so they tried to steal my mind to save their embarassment of failing… yes, they gave up thier ritual, they failed their ritual of stealing my beliefs.

    They lost and I won! They are now officially the loosers in the battle for my beliefs and thus they were not allowed to take my mind either. You see, we live in a spiritual world. Since they gave up on their ritual… thus, they gave up on their on their own beliefs.

    Now, their priest/handlers operating the brainchip are lieing to their minions pertending that the battle from my beliefs is still happening. They know when their house of cards falls they will be standing protectionless like cockroaches in Proto-Saturns star-light… (see … so many lies that you need to filter out, it is a bit overwhelming since education is controlled by the cult and does not teach critical thinking for the profane.)
    Now the cult is lieing to their own minions and believers… their belief system has already failed and is falling to pieces in my world… how about your world… you have to defeat them yourself, you have been chosen to fight for your beliefs for your individuality rather than becoming their brainchipped zombie. You are unworthy in their eyes if you give-in to their demands. You are challenged to dig deep into your soul and find the power to be your own person rather than to their minion and like them, you, thus, become pathetic and lost. Nothing but your beliefs about yourself hinders your fight for your freedom. It is your desires and feelings for a better world that they want to steal from you… nothing has the ability to take anyone’s soul… even the “damned”
    Magnus appears to have been introduced to the gang-stalked/perpetrator ring of the cult that tries to replace the targets belief system with the cult’s “world of the wicked” belief system.  look up on for Langenbergs retaliation against the “Snitch Brigade” or gang-stalking assault of the masonic cults upon the profane and most, hatefully against the bewildered Christians.
    The middle line is the cult is an organization of the Mystery Schools that joined up with the control and recruitment tactics that the Assassins Secret Sect for inducting greedy and hateful people into a secret society that eventually wanted to take over the world.  Their ruling class of the cult promoted their self-righteousness and elitism brainwashing system to protect their secrecy of their secrets.  The fear of death or family death is the main obeying enforcement if a recruited thug had more morals and grace than the cult’s design.  They are the scourge upon humanity that manipulate most wars if not all wars and do the wicked things like “the Brotherhood of the Dragon” that Cooper identified as one of the main branches of the cult that took out JFK.  The brainchip that Olsson is dealing with is the hive-mind tool that is being used to greatly hinder humanities spiritual purpose within Nature and upon Earth.
    The bottom line is humanity is a spiritual being and the Earth is a training ground designed to learn about the inner world while analyzing and becoming comfortable with conscious creation of thoughts and feelings. The brainchip along with the cult’s idealism and world view is the scourge of spiritual and inner development with its purpose and design to interfere and confuse the blossoming intellect.  The cult with it’s deception, self-righteousness and lack of love is going to be extracted from Earth and the individuals suffering from the monsters running it will be released from it’s lost values and misguidance.   The cult is simply a challenge that must be identified by the bulk of humanity so Earths inhabitants can progress toward greater value-fulfillment and becoming Earths loving caretakers as part of the Natural world and All-That-Is.  Read Jane Roberts “Seth Speaks” and “The Nature of Personal Reality” for greater insights of what this world is really all about.  Tony Robbins is highly recommended to get back upon your feet and accept your personal challenge to participate in fixing Earth and protecting it from your personal/public monsters. The thing you need to learn in this life is that nobody else is going to save you…. you must spiritually stand up  and upon your own two feet and become a leader in what is right.  If you let the cult force you to believe what you don’t agree with, then you are not ready to be considered a complete enough person to leave the training box that amasses what you need to challenge your senses enough that you don’t just lay down and die or like many do when brainchipped… not fight to the death. 
    You must fight like there is nothing that is more important than what is right!  Fight for Earth’s integrity.  Fight the wicked monsters as if you are an immortal god defending your true love!

  31. My NB and is Mark Iannicelli and I want to have my V2K implant, cardio implant all probes removed in Russia. I advocate the use of lethal force as self defense against this United States DARpA torture and murder.This is why lowlife American scum hates me.

    Loved By Few, Hated by Many,
    Mark Iannicelli

  32. I am one under this practice of inhuman mind tecnologies….the university of new mexicos technology dept has this exact twaching going on ..need to know how you found implants and how to get rid of them…home phone is thus 15053885515..néed your assistance..ive dealt with first my face being burnt literally with diagnosis from doctor and property broke stolen as well. House and evidence of direct wnergy qeapons caught on camera stolen…i was drugged by something that i have no memory of them burning me..also v2k tecnology thru out this year and a half..i am ex navy vet..civilian contractor to military contracts and an ex cop..i know there has to be at least two chips over brain steam and second in genitals area..also try to cause sleep deprivation…amd pain that shows in me of neddles even under toe nail…presuures …walking un evenly…pushes to make me fall…blosting of stomach ive never had before..and voicw to skull tech

  33. I am so upset Magnus does not reply as the expert of the matter who can properly guide us through our suffering. Earth to Magnus – you are the expert, we need help.

    I 100% of the way have a nano-brain implant embedded in me — it has been the most disgusting, sick, horrifying experience of my life and I want my skull cracked open to remove it.

    Magnus — PLEASE help us, what in the HELL are we supposed to do about this nonsense?

      • Thank you Magnus! I will call you when I get things situated and do my due diligence! You could be my savior — for I seriously have nano-technology embedded with artificial intelligence that is very high level technology (as well as extremely disturbing) and I relate to the video of you and your mother greatly. I have looked into Zharp and I am considering this if it is the last resort option and can prevent Morse-Code pulsations I receive that seems to make my experience worse than yours but very similar. I believe I am being experimented on by intelligentsia and crave a feeling of privacy away from these sick minds so I’ll add you on Skype and call when I can!

  34. I can’t afford anything to help me due to my torture I have lost about everything my home, can’t hold down a job I am 44yrs old and my life is the worst it’s ever been. This happened to me because my ex is a slave his master is the one who does this to me. I know who this woman is, it’s also broadcasted to me in my home well when I had one not just in my head. I have numerous recordings proof of all my accounts being hacked VR recordings. I am considering legal actions but if you’ve been through it you know it’s hard to prove. Unlike many people I know who has done this to me and who my torturer is. Any suggestions?

  35. I know first hand about the 24/7 abuse from this machine attacking me! They are horrible! I am Targeted in Alabama since 2016 to my knowledge. They attack my brain constantly, I feel and understand your pain.

  36. I know first hand about the 24/7 abuse from this machine attacking me! They are horrible! I am Targeted in Alabama since 2016 to my knowledge. I was implanted by two coworkers while working on a government contract. They attack my brain constantly, I feel and understand your pain.

  37. Alexey Yudchenko of Kiev Ukraine via Simon Draper of London are Directed Energy Weapons perpetrators. Both of them have arranged for the targetting of myself and my husband here in the UK. Alexey Yudchenko has hacked our entire lives including, all bank accounts having stolen money and stopped our mortgage going through as well as our Covid 19 funds. He turns our iPhones off. He taps on my ear to say that he is hacking me for life. He confirms that we are targeted individuals of his for life. Simon Draper’s wife is a barrister in London called Sheena and she knows that Alexey is a criminal. We are subjected to aggressive sleep deprivation and V2K 247. This has been since November 2018 to the present day.

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