Ultimate Tesla generator for Heart Disease (Genetic Susceptibility)

Ultimate Tesla generator forHeart Disease (Genetic Susceptibility)

“You can buy Ultimate Tesla Generator here on mindtechenterprises.com and  full remote holonet DNA repair medical kit on separate USB drive controller, with aural signature from true image photograph. It takes  two months to make each Ultimate just for the individual customer. Its self power of processor using torus crystal – external charger not required ( Russian military have spent billions on the technology  you really will get a bargain).

The device has therapy projection open mode (pearl side outward) and normal protection shield mode if threatened.

The Ultimate Tesla Generator cures not only heart diseases but also protects from psychotronic weaponry.

Please read our new testimony.

I have had genetic susceptibility to heart disease so fainted after 30minutes of gardening now I can can garden for 6+hours.” – Loris 50

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