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“The Scale Of The Universe 2″ Animation Made By 14-Year-Olds Is Mind Blowing

by David Hill on April 15th, 2012

“The Scale Of The Universe 2″ Animation Made By 14-Year-Olds Is Mind Blowing


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Singularity Hub Membership Update: None of These Doctors are Human, and Now is the Time of the Gathering

Written by: Aaron Saenz 4 hours ago

Medical droid

The Singularity Hub Membership Program is going to give your virtual avatar quite the work out this week. We’ve got […]


Police Recording More and More: Cars, Uniforms, and Equipment With Cameras

Written by: Peter Murray 4 hours ago

Minicams mounted onto Taser battery packs will leave little to the imagination as to what actually went down, which should benefit officers and offenders alike.

“Don’t Tase Me Bro,” the YouTube video of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer getting tased by campus police spread […]


Elsevier Boycott Nears 10,000 Signatures

Written by: David Hill 2 days ago

Like the myth of Sisyphus, the Open Access movement struggles to gain momentum to get over the hump.

The call to action by Cambridge professor Timothy Gowers to boycott Elsevier last January has resounded with academics, as the number of […]


An Exclusive Look Inside The Foxconn Factory That Makes iPads

Written by: Peter Murray 3 days ago

Most assembly line tasks take just seconds to complete. A robotic voice says, "OK," and the iPad is passed on to the next station.

Shenzhen China is home to one of the world’s largest – and most talked about – factories. It is where […]


SushiBot Serves Up An Order Of 3,600 Per Hour

Written by: Peter Murray 4 days ago

The SushiBot moulds rice mounds by the thousands so sushi chefs don't have to.

Talk about “fast food,” a Japanese company just unveiled its SushiBot at the World Food and Beverage Expo in Tokyo. […]


New Bedside Genetic Screen Yields Results In An Hour

Written by: David Hill 4 days ago


A new point-of-care system accurately screens a patient’s DNA for a single gene in an hour. The shoebox-sized device from Canadian-based Spartan […]


Robots Will Drive, Bust Through A Wall, And Make Repairs In DARPA’s New Robotics Challenge

Written by: Peter Murray 5 days ago

DARPA's Robotic Challenge, where robots will perform tasks at a simulated catastrophe site, is sure to attract humanoid robots like Petman.

Five years after the DARPA Grand Challenge robotic cars are already hitting the roads and states are preparing for their […]


Check Out Our New Video Series: Singularity Hub Accelerated Tech News!

Written by: Aaron Saenz 6 days ago


You can’t talk about the rapid evolution of technology every day without eventually wanting to experience a little bit of […]

Debate Central

What role will psychoactive substances play (if any) in the Singularity?



One can only start to change when one gets to the base of ones empowerment to change . The greatest changes is the same as most of the […]



It may help us to calm the living brain dead , or keep the zombies at peace.

User Picture

Not a meme

Nootropics like D-Cycloserine, vassopressin, racetams, and other yummy things are already enhancing intelligence. Hell, even coffee has served a dramatic role in the technological evolution of humans. […]


Talking With the Founders of Vergence Labs: First Steps Towards Merging Man and Machine

Written by: Aaron Saenz 7 days ago

vergence lab founders feature

There are few fuels as potent as youth and genius, and Vergence Labs is sitting on a powder keg. The […]


SH Membership Update – Robots Coming for Your Jobs, Nanotech Dinners, and More!

Written by: Aaron Saenz 7 days ago


This week in the Singularity Hub Membership Program – knowing who your friends are. On Monday morning Singularity Hub will […]


The Video Resume — Modern Necessity Or Domain Of Epic Fail?

Written by: David Hill 7 days ago

Michael Cera's "Impossible is the Opposite of Possible" parodies all that is wrong with the video resume.

With recent reports on employers using social media to screen job applicants, it’s clear that technology has changed the hiring […]


In Utero Surgery – More Common Today, But No Less Miraculous

Written by: Peter Murray 8 days ago

Famous before he was born, 21-week-old Samuel Armas' hand reached out during surgery. In utero surgies have now been performed since 1997.

You might recall a particular photograph that caused quite a stir back in 1999. It was the photograph of Samuel […]


On-Demand Robots From A 3D Printer

Written by: Peter Murray 9 days ago

These origamiesque robots were printed from a 3D computer. They cost $100 each and take just 70 minutes to print.

We’ve seen 3D printers churn out toys, bone models, chocolate, even human tissue. Now scientists at MIT want to print […]


Brain Scanner Being Used To Give Stephen Hawking A New Voice

Written by: Peter Murray 10 days ago

Philip Low, the 32-year-old inventor of the iBrain, demonstrates just how cool neuroscience can be.

World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has given so much to the world of physics. Now he’s doing what he can […]

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